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10 Horrifying Amusing Portable-Toilet Stories

10 Of The Most Horrifying & Amusing Portable Toilet Stories

Home to strange things and unexpected hazards, portable toilets are not exactly known for their allure. Those who clean them are absolutely brilliant at developing a positive attitude, but there are times, as evidenced in the following blog, how that could end up being quite challenging. On a typical day, a portable …

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Odor Control Tootsie Roll

It’s Like Trying To Find A Tootsie Roll In A Septic Tank

At first glance, the title of our latest blog might seem as if a reader was about to embark on an exposé concerning a rather odd analogy that evokes few if any mental associations except maybe to those with mental issues. Second glances only reinforce this idea and cement the fact that in this particular case, appearances …

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Portable Toilet Misconceptions Debunked

Top 10 Misconceptions About The Portable Toilet Debunked

Although it hasn’t been done yet, a horror movie about smelly cryptoids lurking in porta-potties might fare well in the public imagination. Indeed, in some ways, the fuel for the fire is already there, as unfortunately, some of the myths and misconceptions concerning portable toilets are enmeshed …

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What Is The Blue Chemical Liquid In Porta-Pottys

The Mysterious Blue Liquid In Porta-Potties Explained

Contemplating the contents of portable toilets is a rare pastime and not a favorite for the faint-of-heart. Still, what is in that tank is responsible for how pleasant or unpleasant our experience will be, and it demands recognition, but probably no applause. Songs and movies speak of …

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Surco Mobile Responsive Website

Surco Portable Sanitation Debuts New Responsive Website

In keeping up with being a leader and innovator in odor control technology, Surco has stepped further into the digital territory with the recent launch of its new, responsive and mobile responsive website. The many advances in telecommunications and digital technology, particularly the …

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