Surco Blue Liquid Portable Sanitation Odor Control

Over 70 Years Of Development
In Effective Odor Control Solutions

Liquid Form Odor Neutralizing Deodorant And Spray

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Whether it’s PT deodorants, pump sprays or wash-downs, Surco products will set your porta potty customers apart. Get the most effective portable toilet chemicals with the smallest eco-conscious footprint.

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Solid Dry Toss Odor Control Tablet And Air Freshening Wafers

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Portable toilet deodorant packets, wafer tablets and fresh strap cabin air fresheners — we’ve developed the most effective odor neutralizing solids for suppliers and distributors throughout the world.

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Lube Exhaust Freshener, Granules And Urinal Screens

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Wizzard urinal screens, Scatter granules, lube exhaust fresheners — 7 decades of refinements ensures your reputation as much as it does ours in delivering specialty porta potty odor control products.

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Metazene Molecular
Odor Neutralizer

There is no more effective odor neutralizer on the market today. While other neutralizers only mask odors, Metazene® permanently annihilates malodor particles at the molecular level.

Completely Formaldehyde Free And PSAI Compliant

Our odor-controlling deodorants and wash downs are all Formaldehyde free. Keeping our environment free from hazardous chemicals is a challenge we have always taken seriously, and is why we are proud to abide by the PSAI’s Code of Excellence.

Become A Distributor Of Surco Odor Control Products

According to Ibis World, the portable restroom sanitation industry recently generated USD $1 billion in global revenue, and with anticipated growth in construction as well as other sectors, it’s predicted to continue to grow over the coming decades, making for a perfectly poised business opportunity for any entrepreneur anywhere around the globe.

If you’re a supplier or market to portable restroom sanitation companies and would like to become a distributor providing our products to businesses within your country, or you would like to become a North American re-distributer under your own private brand, learn why we’re the most equipped product supplier for your every need. Explore opportunities for your country below, or claim a Surco territory in your region today!




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We Are Members Of PSAI, RIFM & ISO 9001:2015 Compliant

According to The Portable Sanitation Association (PSAI), portable restrooms save an estimated 125 million gallons of fresh water every day due to the fact that flushing does not occur each time the toilet is used. Within the coming years, Ibis World forecasts that portable restroom industry revenue will increase, and with it will come intensified environmental regulations.

Since our formation in 1946, we have worked to conform to every industry standard, regulation and environmental law, and we are always working to improve performance while reducing our carbon footprint for future generations. In addition to being proud, long-time members of PSAI, we also belong to adhere to Research Institute For Fragrances Materials fragrance standards and are ISO 9001:2015 compliant. Read further about our commitment to eco-friendly fragrances.