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Why We Supply The Best Portable Toilet Odor Control Products

Founded in 1946 and strategically positioned near Pittsburgh’s international shipping port, Surco is a global provider of odor-control products for the modern portable toilet industry. Our clients hail from all over the world and they all clamor for our state-of-the-art portable toilet odor control products. Why? Because we have always strived to provide the most superior performance, and that mission is underpinned by our rich history of innovation and keen understanding and application of industrial science.

Every formulation and every decision we make occurs within our in-house 85,000-square-foot technology center, which is comprised of teams of experts and equipped with the very latest in odor neutralizing technologies, gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, headspace analysis, distillation, extraction and the highest quality fragrance compositions in the industry today.

Here are 8 ways we innovated the portable toilet odor control industry!

Surco Many Toilet Odor Control Innovations

With a knowledge that is backed by more than 70 years of unparalleled customer service, on-site experience and patented technology, there is no question relating to portable toilet odor control products that our teams cannot answer, and we continually work to make every Surco formulation the best of its kind, exceeding the standards set by competing companies.

Portable sanitation, portable toilet (PT) supply companies and potential distributors can be confident when they choose to either purchase or sell Surco products because we have had decades to develop and provide the best solutions for malodors in portable toilets and restroom trailers.

Portable Sanitation Industry Research And Statistics

The rise in the portable toilet industry is fueled by and exponential to the increase in construction markets. The demand for services is estimated at a steady compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the course of the next four years. Revenue is expected to increase at a rate of 12 to 17% up to the year 2022. In 2017, the industry gleaned US $5 billion.

There have been a few independent industrial studies in the field of construction and recreation that document the economic and health benefits resulting from the use of additional, properly situated portable sanitation units at special outdoor public events such as festivals, concerts etc. They were all conducted at the University of Missouri and were published in a guide entitled: Portable Restroom Requirements at Special Events and Crowd Gatherings.

Research on the topic of portable toilets and public restrooms has many gaps, but one study (Greed and Siu, 2006) is worth mentioning. Results indicated that the chances of pathogen transmission are very high in public and portable toilets even though they may appear to be clean. This is due to the fact that total strangers utilize the same facilities risking the exchange of bodily fluids and contamination. Compounding the problem, once again according to the study, are the serious issues of poor ventilation and general lack of cleanliness, both of which contribute to the attraction of disease-carrying pests such as flies, lice, mice, and ticks.

Many portable toilet users are aware of this and alter their behavior while using these facilities settings. The Greed and Siu study further indicates that 80% of women hover over the seat rather than sit on it to avoid catching germs. Unfortunately, this measure only serves to heighten the chances of pathogen transmission because many women do not put the seat up.

Surco Superior Odor Control Products

We are a specialty chemical manufacturer and provider of the most advanced and effective portable restroom odor control solutions. Our products include but are not limited to: Potty Fresh Plus XL liquid deodorants that offer odor control even during the warmer months of the year; Advance Dry Toss Packets, which offer strong fragrance, the deepest blue in the industry and more powerful biocides; Potty Fresh Plus Spray and Washdown Deodorant, which provides a means to add odor control and air freshening to regular wash down cycles. Our many loyal customers can be found among portable toilet suppliers, odor product distributors and the septic pumping and waste removal industries.

Metazene Is The King of Odor Neutralizers

Although all of Surco odor control products surpass industry requirements, our ultimate and most potent weapon against malodors is our pride and joy, Metazene, a colorless, scentless neutralizing additive that demolishes odor at a molecular level. While many fragrance manufacturers have developed their own signature odor control formulations, most of them are highly diluted with water and contain dubious compounds. They are simply no mach for the power of Metazene, which can be found in many Surco odor-control solutions such as portable restroom deodorant and wash down sprays among others.

To Sum Up This Malodorous, Rather, Odor-Free Message

We provide the most advanced and effective portable restroom cabin odor control strategies that deliver the highest quality fragrance-enhancing portable toilet solutions to suppliers, distributors and the septic pumping and waste removal industries. Our products are manifold and include: liquid deodorants, dry toss packets, wash down sprays and chemical specialty applications.

For portable sanitation companies, purveyors of portable toilets and potential distributors or redistributors who use their own private labels, the Surco family is the one to join for a number of very good reasons. No customer ever stands alone when they bond with us, as our customer service sector is unrivalled and someone is always there to offer guidance and support. We are also always armed with the latest and best in researched industrial science, which allows for the provision of the most advanced and successful non-formaldehyde portable toilet deodorant and portable restroom cabin odor control solutions.

Even more, our products service many other industries as well. We also manufacture the most powerful odor neutralizers, such as their Odomaster® Prescription Treatment™ Seriesfor waste water treatment facilities, foundries, lift stations, tanneries, rubber manufacturing, metal cutting, asphalt and stack emissions plants, textile dye processing factories, petroleum transfer operations, rendering/tallow operations, dairy processing and animal containment facilities.

So if you’re a portable sanitation company, a PT supply company looking for better quality, lower-priced products, or your would like to represent Surco’s products throughout Europe, BrazilAustralia, the United Kingdom or any country throughout the world, don’t hesitate to give us call today!

Final thoughts on foul odors:

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