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Metazene Cements Our Position As A Leader In Odor Control

Metazene®, a patented additive that is used in Surco Portable Sanitation products, is an effective and environmentally safe odor neutralizer that is used in portable toilet deodorant products to control odors at the molecular level. This odorless additive, developed through Surco’s in-house aromatics technology team, is used in thousands of products worldwide, and has helped to cement Surco’s status as a world leader in odor control technology.

There’s numerous reasons Metazene is the most effective odor neutralizer available and continues to be the first choice of the portable sanitation industry. It was designed to work at a molecular level by quickly binding to malodorous molecules and rendering them essentially odorless. After Metazene neutralizes unpleasant odors, the new heavier molecule sinks to the floor and harmlessly evaporates over time. The formula was developed to be completely effective while balancing environmental factors. Surco products, including those with the Metazene additive, do not use formaldehyde, a dangerous, toxic substance that is hazardous to the environment, humans, and animals.

“Thousands of portable toilet and restroom companies rely on Surco’s liquid and solid products that contain Metazene to control odors year round. It’s the most effective odor neutralizer available. Customers should look for the Metazene® seal for assurance of true molecular odor protection. We’ve produced the industry’s best non-formaldehyde portable toilet deodorant and portable restroom products using the Metazene additive to deliver true odor neutralization,” said Raymond Czapko, VP of Business Development.

Surco’s product line includes odor control deodorant liquids, dry toss packets and odor control specialties that use Metazene. The additive is also ideal for air fresheners, aerosols, non-aerosol pump sprays, candles, wicks, gels, plastics, plug-ins, solids, and automotive novelties.

Surco, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, strives to create products with the smallest environmental impact possible, and the company offers only formaldehyde-free products that take fresh to a whole new level, while protecting the environment.

The company also features an in-house fragrance manufacturing division, which means that fragrance trends, as well as odor control technology, can be developed and built into every product to satisfy customer requirements. Every part of Surco’s product line ensures quality, consistency, and safety.

About Surco Portable Sanitation

For over 60 years, Surco has been a world leader in odor control technology. Surco’s completely effective odor control products and systems have always been the best solution for controlling odors in portable toilets and rest room trailers. Surco is a one-stop source for all portable toilet odor control needs, with all products developed and manufactured in its 85,000-square-foot-facility in Pittsburgh.


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