The Secret Power Of Surco PT Cabin Fresh Straps

Odor Control Fresh Straps – 5 Secrets Behind Their Success

The best secrets are often those whispered everywhere, and when it comes to the power and popularity of our self-locking, odor neutralizing portable cabin Fresh Strap air fresheners (occasionally called “smell belts”), this is increasingly the case, whether directly amongst our many PT clients around the globe or on social media.

In fact, someone recently gave our Fresh Straps a shout out on Facebook, saying, “Got multiple samples at the WWETT show. Placed one in this construction unit 5 weeks ago. Still in place with no slip, no stain to our floors and no sticky holder like the disc. The scent of Lavender smells like day one! Your products are the best!! And your customer service is remarkable. If you haven’t tried their products, we highly recommend you call. BTW, the Berry Cherry is my absolute favorite.”


Surco PT Fresh Straps FB Reviews


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Surco PT Cabin Straps Facebook


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Surco Fresh Straps Popularity


So if you’re wondering why your competitor’s toilets smell better than yours, chances are they’re using our fresh straps.

But what’s making them the talk of town?

Read on as our chemists, designers and odor neutralizing experts provide five facts that drive their success, power and popularity.

Before we dig in, however, we thought we’d share a few not-so-secret facts that have led to Surco becoming the leading provider of portable restroom odor control and air freshening products.

Some Not-So-Secret Facts About Surco Products

We have been manufacturing superior non-formaldehyde-based odor-control, deodorizing products for portable toilet suppliers, distributors and the septic pumping and waste removal industries for more than seven decades. As a result of our expertise, scientific understanding and our tenacious desire to deliver the absolute best, most effective products, we have become one of the, if not the, world leader(s) in the portable toilet odor control industry.

If there is a secret to our success, it is not one claimed by the wave of a magic wand. It lies instead in our impeccable customer service, innovative accomplishments and keen understanding and application of advances in industrial science.

Here are 8 ways we have innovated odor control for the portable toilet industry!

Odor Control Product Innovations

Our edge over our competitors comes from more than seventy years of continuous operation and product development in our state-of-the-art, in-house, 85,000-square-foot Technology Center. Located in the heart of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this research hub is run by a team of experts equipped with the very latest in technological advancements which include: gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, head space analysis, distillation, extraction and quality control technology.

All of our manufactured products are the best that can be found anywhere, and they far exceed the standards set by both the portable restroom industry and our competitors. Our many clients can be counted everywhere among the most notable portable toilet suppliers, odor product distributors and the septic pumping and waste removal industries.

Read more about why PT providers turn to Surco for their odor control product needs.

5 Features Driving The Success Of Our PT Cabin Fresh Straps

Effectively neutralizing vaporous odors is one thing; neutralizing vaporous odors while providing powerful, linear-diffused fragrance enhancement for up to 60 straight days is the culmination of years of perfected on-site testing, engineering and patented technology.

While there a many elements that factor into the success of our Portable Toilet Fresh Straps among purveyors and distributors of portable toilet odor control products, there are five key elements that stand out.

Here they are, in no particular order of importance —

1) Their Design Imparts The Most Intense Fragrance Possible

Unlike simple smaller scented circular paper blotters that are still used today (and only last a few days or week at most), our new patent-pending polymer fragrance straps are specifically crafted to have a dramatically larger surface area, which allows them to provide tremendously more fragrance content. Bottom line, the more surface area diffusing scent, the more fragrance intensity and odor neutralizing power delivered.

Most Intense PT Fragranced Odor Control

2) They Are Made From A Polymer Engineered For 60-Day Release

The polymer (chemical compound) used to create these PT Cabin Fresh Straps is an important factor in its success among end users, manufacturers, purveyors and distributors of portable toilet odor control products. It is a proprietary, highly absorbent polymer, which permits a slower evaporation of fragrances and neutralizers than other products or polymers. This allows for controlled release and longevity of fragrance as well as a passive discharge of enduring scent and odor neutralization for up to 60 days.

3) They Contain The Most Powerful Odor Neutralizing Components

PT Cabin Fresh Straps contain Metazene, a superior odor-fighting additive that far exceeds the capabilities of any odor deodorizer on the market today. Created by the innovators at Surco, this non-formaldehyde, vapor phase neutralizer eliminates the most stubborn of malodors from industrial and commercial spaces of all sizes and shapes.

Other air freshening products are not as effective because even though they do mask odors they can’t stop them from coming back. Metazene works via a chemical reaction, destroying the malodor at a molecular level with some behind-the-scenes aid from science and technology. It is this reaction that also explains why natural deodorizers, such as baking soda and vinegar, work so well.

Basically, the foul-smelling molecules attach themselves to the Metazene particles just as a metallic object attracts a magnet or more poetically put, a moth is drawn to a flame. This powerful additive traps the malodor and locks it in, which creates a neutralizing atmosphere. Used successfully in thousands of products that are sold all over the world, it is this Surco invention that is one of the factors contributing to our status as a world leader in advanced odor technology.

4) The Have A Unique Patent-Pending Vandal-Resistant Design

These straps feature an almost hidden, self-locking belt and loop design that can be secured anywhere odor control is needed. This includes: the exhaust pipe and under sinks and partitions. This design allows for easy installation and at the same time, prevents damage by vandals.

5) They Provide For A True System Approach to Combat Odors

When used in conjunction with the matching aromas used in potty fresh liquids, toss packets and the Wizard translucent and tinted color urinal screens which include: Xtreme Clean, Lavender Fields and Very Berry, our straps provide a comprehensive approach to odor control and management solutions.

A Few Of Our Other PT Products Lighting Up The Social Boards

Our PT Cabin Fresh Straps are just one of many effective, odor neutralizing solutions we supply to PT providers worldwide.

These include but are not limited to: Our Potty Fresh Plus XL liquid deodorants that provide odor control even during the hot summer months when bacteria reproduce even more rapidly than at other times; Advance Dry Toss Packets, which offer powerful fragrance, the deepest blue in the industry and more potent biocides; the Potty Fresh Plus Spray and Washdown Deodorant, which provides an avenue for regular wash down cycles to supplement odor control and air freshening options. Read more about our odor-eating arsenal of products.

In conclusion

PT Cabin Fresh Straps are made in the US of A as Archie Bunker used to say, completely waterproof, 100% recyclable and environmentally safe, and they can be hung anywhere sustained odor control is desired.

If you are a provider of portable toilets, renter, distributor or re-distributor of odor-control products, give the PT Cabin Fresh Straps a try. They are certain to improve user experience every time.






Why Are Air Freshener Fresh Straps So Popular?

1) Their Design Imparts The Most Intense Fragrance Possible

2) They Are Made From A Polymer Engineered For 60-Day Release

3) They Contain The Most Powerful Odor Neutralizing Components

4) The Have A Unique Patent-Pending Vandal-Resistant Design

5) They Provide For A True System Approach to Combat Odors

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