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Sanitation and clean water are often taken for granted in the western world. In fact, in many third world countries, there are no toilets, eco-friendly or otherwise, and as much as 40% of the world’s population still defecate on roads, rivers, hills and seashores. This contaminates water sources and in turn creates a terrible legacy of illness and damage to the increasing fragility of the world’s eco-system.

Eco-friendly portable toilets, and regular toilets for that matter, are the direct result of sustainability awareness. They evolved from the ashes of politically correct, polite conversation. Saving the environment for future generations has been a consistent mantra among concerned activists for the last four decades, and one we take seriously as well.

The idea has finally seeped into American consciousness and has manifested itself in eco-friendly products that have become staples for the American consumer marketplace. Without blinking an eye or making a move, using an eco-friendly toilet immediately conserves water, energy and material resources, making “Greener” toilets are a boon to mankind. They conserve precious water, energy and natural resources, and restore nutrients to the earth that are essential to sustainable agriculture.

But the toilets can’t do it alone.

Eco-friendly toilets from any earth-conscious company require eco-friendly deodorizers and support products, and our chemists and staff here at Surco have been a long-standing vanguard in creating the most effective, PSAI compliant, formaldehyde-free odor neutralizing liquid and dry packet PT products.

What are the 4 key ingredients within PT odor control products?

The Key Ingredients In Toilet Odor Control Products

Surco, The PSAI and The Environment

When it comes to concern for the world around us, we can and do put our money where our mouth is. Most of our products and services are eco-friendly, and not only do we manufacture items that help keep things sweet smelling and clean, our portable toilet deodorizers are user-friendly, formaldehyde-free and come in both liquid and dry packet portable toilet deodorants.

A massive undertaking since the day we opened our doors in 1946, we have grown to become a world leader in the portable sanitation industry, and we are committed to offering solutions that are both safer and more effective for then end user and the environment. We were also the first to invent the ultra concentrated non-formaldehyde portable toilet chemicals, “formally referred to as syrups.”

We first made our mark in the portable sanitation industry with the addition of the deodorizer known as the “blue liquid,” which was a great improvement over previous products that contained noxious formaldehyde. This product alone transformed the portable restroom experience into one that was far more comfortable, safer and environmentally friendlier than before. The blue liquid reduces the malodors of waste for up to seven days prior to the toilet’s replenishment. In fact, our Potty Fresh formulations are also utilized in recirculating portable restroom trailers.

Established in 1971, the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) has become the international PT gold standard among all other organizations of its ilk. It is a proud and powerful watchdog, providing education about issues and industry standards as they affect consumer safety and health. We are closely allied with this international organization and the guidelines outlined in the PSAI Code of Excellence.


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RIFM And The Performance of Our Fragrances

A fragrance, its projection, longevity and multiple notes are only as good as the quality of the oils used to create it, and we pride ourselves in only using the best fragrance ingredients while never using remnants — meaning, we never use overruns like other companies. We put more meat and potatoes, so to speak, while other companies purchase off-spec to reduce costs and consequently cheat many of their customers with diluted, inferior performance.

With our in-house fragrance division, we are known for providing the highest quality and best performing fragrances in the industry, and every fragrance we use is RIFM-approved. The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials is the international scientific authority for the safe use of fragrance materials, and through extensive, ongoing testing and evaluation, its mission is to encourage uniform safety standards related to the use of all fragrance materials. Since our formation, we have  shared in their passion for creating sustainable environmentally-conscious solutions.

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The Power of Metazene Molecular Odor Neutralizer

The major tool in our eco-deodorizer arsenal is a powerful, molecular odor neutralizing force called Metazene, which contains no formaldehyde and is specifically designed to enhance the odor control process without introducing harmful chemicals. It neutralizes and eliminates odors rather than just masking them. The foul-smelling molecules attach themselves to the Metazene particles in the same manner as a metallic object attracts a magnet.

Metazene then traps the malodor and locks it in, which creates a neutralizing atmosphere. Metazene was invented by Alpha Aromatics, our parent company, and has become the leading, most powerful odor neutralizer in the commercial and industrial marketplace today. Combined with Metazene, the performance of our fragrances is unsurpassed.

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The Future Of Surco And Eco friendly Deodorizing Products

The green industry is manifested in many modern markets. There are, in fact, very few if any industries today whose powers-that-be are not aware of the long-term benefits of eco- friendly product solutions. This is so much the case that it is unlikely that clean, green products will be optional purchases in the near future.

For the new, up and coming consumers known as Millennials, there is an acute awareness of the sharp divide between companies operating solely for gain as opposed to those whose core values support an intent to do good.

Green means you must deliver green. This usually revolves around changing a company brand image in such a way that it reflects an earth-conscious attitude. This in turn affects public perception about the industry. Shifting from low to high in any business strategy is expensive at first, but once there, things even out.

Business owners must decide what their brand stands for and deliver that message every time they sell a product or service. By offering sustainable alternatives in daily living, consumers slowly but surely change their attitudes about your company and your brand solutions.

Keeping green and sustainable is no easy task for any portable sanitation company, but we can and do handle it very well. Our company’s enduring success over seven decades serves to create a welcome pressure to constantly expand and improve, which we do aided by cutting edge research technology.

In addition to eco-friendly products and services, we sell peace of mind to its many satisfied customers, a well-earned commodity that is not so easy to come by. For us, customer gratification and trust are the two end results we seek the most. We like to think of ourselves as caring stokers of a great bonfire that more and more consumers seek to gather round.


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As a world leader in odor control technology, we constantly adapt to a changing world and the dynamic needs of the modern consumer. Our highly polished website services our clients all over the globe, featuring our many products, providing customer interaction and industry-related news.

According to Ray Czapko, Vice President of Business Development, “Our customers will benefit from the upgrade of our website, which includes easier navigation and accessible product pages. Best of all, the responsive design puts our products at users’ fingertips, and allows us to create a better experience for our customer base.” All of our products are developed and manufactured in Pittsburgh at our 85,000-square-foot facility. We are and will always be a one-stop source for all modern portable restroom odor control needs. Learn more about our mission and history.

If you’d like to become a supplier or distributor of our products, or would like to speak with our team, don’t hesitate to send us a message! We’re always on call to answer any questions you might have.

Final thoughts on eco-friendly solutions: We are living on this planet as if we have another one to go to. ~ Healing Lifestyles.


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