What is Metazene And How Does Its Neutralizing Power Work?

Most Surco portable toilet deodorant products contain Metazene® odor neutralizer additive. We recently wrote about its unique, dependably effective process, but Metazene is much stronger than standard odor control products and actually neutralizes odors at the molecular level.

This makes Metazene the ideal for vapor-phase applications including air fresheners, aerosols, non-aerosol pump sprays, passive air fresheners, candles, wicks, gels, plastics, plug-ins, solids and auto novelties.

Always look for the Metazene seal so you can be sure you are getting the best in true molecular odor protection.




What Makes Metazene The Most Effective Odor Neutralizer?

Odor Molecules Being Attracted To Metazene Molecules


Positive [+] charged Metazene® molecules are attracted to negative [] charged malodor molecules in the air.

Metazene Molecules Attaching To Malodorous Molecules


Metazene® molecules attach to typical malodor molecules like little magnets.

Metazene Locking Up The Malodorous Molecule


Metazene® “locks up” the malodor, effectively neutralizing its unpleasant odor.

The Heavier Newly Form Metazene Molecule Sinks To Floor


The new heavier molecule sinks to the floor with the malodor sealed inside. Unable to float in the air, it evaporates over a period of time.

All Of Our Portable Sanitation Products Are Formaldehyde-Free

When it comes to controling odors on an industrial scale, Surco® is environmentally aware.

The portable toilet industry is one that must always maintain its vigilance in protecting the environment. We understand the importance of minimizing our ecological footprint and we are always looking for cleaner and safer ways to control odors. One way we’ve ensured this is by making all of our odor controlling deodorants and spray washdowns are made without the use of formaldehyde, a notoriously dangerous and toxic compound that is hazardous to both the environment and humans alike.

We are also proud members of the Portable Sanitation Association International. PSAI represents small and large businesses that are committed to serving their customers and one another with distinction. Their mission is to preserve lives and improve experiences by providing clean, safe portable sanitation through their Member companies. Like PSAI, we are dedicated to providing a cleaner and safe environment for all.