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9 Ways Portable Toilets Contribute To A Cleaner Environment

The legacy of a new sustainable planet that is safe for future generations has been the impetus for a burgeoning focus on how every industry under the sun is impacting the environment. The powers-that-be behind every company in every industry have both the right and the responsibility to make their own choices concerning their individual carbon footprint. In the case of Surco Portable Sanitation Products, our fragrances and odor control products meet every RIFM and IFRA standard, and always have, and we have never used formaldehyde in any of our products.

History of The Portable Toilet’s Affect On the Environment

The first portable toilets were born during the turbulent years of World War II in the Long Beach, California shipyards where valuable work time was lost because workers had to walk all the way back to the docks in order to find bathrooms. 

Someone came up with the idea to build temporary toilets and place them on the ships, thus saving time and energy. Construction took the form of a wooden cabana  with a small metal holding tank. They were huge, heavy, and smelly, but better than no bathroom at all.

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Improvements In Portable Toilets Down through The Years

The idea of a temporary toilet caught on, and during the the 1950s and 60s they became very popular among large event organizers and construction companies. Metal and wood were soon replaced by lighter and easier to clean fiberglass in the 1970s. By the 1980s, fiberglass was replaced by plastic, which is even easier to construct and maintain. Today, polyurethane is the most commonly used plastic compound for the construction of portable toilets. 

In our modern society, waste must be covered up as much as possible and liquid solutions that pose no harm to the environment but effectively kill pathogens must be employed. 

Even though the past standard for porta-potty maintenance involved the use of formaldehyde, Surco Portable Sanitation Products has never used it, as we determined very early on that it is a compound that is both carcinogenic and unsustainable. The phasing out of formaldehyde has led to the development of “safer” solutions for porta-potty chemicals. We offer an eco-friendly approach which is twofold; to introduce beneficial enzymes and microbes that feed on odor-causing bacteria and to provide a pleasant fragrance.

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Portable Sanitation Industry Statistics And Facts

The products and services that comprise the portable toilet industry consist of: standard rentals, portable toilet pumping and cleaning, luxury and trailer portable toilet rentals and testing and waste collection. The rise in the ague of portable toilets is fueled by and exponential to the increase in construction markets.

According to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc, the global portable toilet rental market size is expected to reach USD 24.70 billion by 2025, with a compound growth rate (CAGR) of 7.30%. The US market gleaned 15.08 billion in the year 2018 and revenue is expected to increase at a CAGR rate of 12 to 17% up to the year 2022.

There have been a few independent industrial studies in the field of construction and recreation that document the economic and health benefits resulting from the use of additional, properly situated portable sanitation units at special outdoor public events such as festivals, concerts etc. They were all conducted at the University of Missouri and were published in a guide entitled: Portable Restroom Requirements at Special Events and Crowd Gatherings. 

10 Ways The Portable Toilets Improve The Environment 

1. Portable Toilets Conserve Water

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American flushes more water down the toilet each day than is used for any other single activity. Since portable toilets use less water than in the home, in the United States alone, portable restrooms save more than 125 million gallons of fresh water daily because they don’t require flushing and waste is disposed of without the use of water. With a substantial amount of uses throughout the month with only twenty gallons of water, you might get 400 uses for 20 gallons of water for the month. By multiple individual uses throughout the week.

This same water can be further utilized for daily cooking, bathing, and drinking. Even “low flow” toilets use a minimum of 1.6 gallons of water per flush. This is a vast improvement from older types that required up to 6 gallons of water per flush.

2. Portable Toilets Provide The Proper Disposal of Waste

Human feces often carry harmful microorganisms that if not properly eliminated can contaminate nearby water sources. Many of these pathogens thrive in cold water and can easily spread disease. Proper disposal of human waste is essential, whether portable toilets are situated in a centralized location or strategically dispersed throughout an outdoor space. 

Advances in technology have led to the creation of the toilet trailer that flushes and even has a built-in sink. This type of portable toilet further decreases the likelihood of disease that can negatively impact the local environment.

3. Portable Toilets Reduce The Spread of Disease Among Wildlife

Human waste can be very toxic both to wildlife and it is known to make its was through the environment in much more subtle ways than just direct consumption. It travels via human feet, paws, and hooves and on the wings of insects. This is why more and more frequently many campgrounds choose to have clean portable restrooms. Portable toilets help to contain natural body functions. 

4. Portable Toilets Protect Vegetation From Toxic Waste

A steady stream of passersby urinating on trees, bushes and grass can ultimately poison plant life with excess salts and other harmful compounds. Portable toilets will not destroy nearby landscaping and will also prevent plants from taking root in places they weren’t intended, such as when eaten vegetable seeds end up passing through bodies and are deposited in the ground.

5. Porta-Potties Reduce Insect Problems

By humans using portable toilets it contain waste and all of the insects that are drawn to it within the portable toilet. By its very nature, a portable toilet is a treasure chest for germs and pathogens that multiply within the interior walls and spread through major points of contact.

Flies particularly, are very attracted to human waste. There is also the unexpected risk that internal parasites passing though the body of a user can end up in the nearby soil before being transmitted to both people and pets via physical contact. This is no exaggeration, as hookworms are known to pass through the soil and wait patiently to pass through hands and feet and infect new victims. No matter how primitive an outdoor toilet might be, they always come with hand sanitizer, if not running water with soap dispensers.

6. Portable Toilets Improve Public Health

Portable toilets that are properly maintained by the customers of our products prevent the spread of disease from person to person. Their portable toilet services use products that are free of formaldehyde and alcohol. These products control smells and the growth of waste-borne parasites, and human waste from poisoning plants in the surrounding area. Portable sanitation units are worth their cost when they are installed at worksites, since they aid in the reduction of sick days and /or reduced productivity.

7. The Truly Broad Environmental Benefit

Portable toilets prevent the excess of human waste that can easily wash into drains and streams, which in turn prevents untreated waste from poisoning bodies of water and spreading disease that kill wildlife that walk through it. Further, by containing the waste before it goes off for treatment, portable toilets control unwanted smells. For those swim or drink from natural springs, it can harm and contaminate humans.

8. Portable Toilets Reduce The Spread Of Waste On Hands And Clothing

An outdoor location presents cleanliness and sanitation issues because waste can accidentally end up on user’s clothing and be harmful to the surrounding environment. When portable toilets are used at events featuring food especially, when they provide both a confined space for waste and an accompanying hand-washing station, it helps to reduce disease. Additionally, proper service companies provide and maintain hand sanitizers for killing any pathogens.

9. They Work Overtime To Control Odors

Due to innovations in the fields of industrial science and technology, today’s portable toilets are far superior to past generations when it comes to odor control. Since the mid 1940s, we have been a household name within the portable toilet industry and their daily operations require the consistent use of effective odor-control products, which are designed for both warm climate situations and can accommodate winterized solutions.

Our chemists and researchers have been at the forefront of odor-control research and they alone were the developers of the ultra concentrated, non-formaldehyde portable toilet chemicals that were once known as “syrups.” 

Liquid blue Potty Fresh Plus and the deodorizing Dry Toss Packets are our two best-selling, safe and cost-effective products. These bacterial inhibitors and odor neutralizers are the best the portable toilet industry has to offer. Our development and continued success is largely due to our incredible staff of researchers and chemists who work at our suburban Pittsburgh-laboratories, aided by the most advanced tools in industrial science that money can buy.

The Leading Portable Toilet Odor Control Product Supplier

The name, Surco, and portable toilets are as close to being synonymous and any two words in the English dictionary. We are a specialty chemical manufacturer and provider of the most advanced and effective portable restroom odor control products in the modern market place that deliver the most fragrant and effective solutions to suppliers, distributors and the septic pumping and waste removal industries.

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Our specialty concerns deodorizers, which neutralize the odors caused by fecal deposits and are responsible for the blue color in the toilet tank. The deep blue, non-staining dyes represent a proactive approach to managing potentially unpleasant smells because they disguise the waste, paper and debris and keep the restroom smelling fresh and clean over time and usage.

We never use formaldehyde in any of their products, as the health and environmental risks are far too great. Formaldehyde has been legally deemed its hazardous to human health and both workers and end users can all be negatively affected by exposure, handling and breathing it in within the confines of a portable toilet. 

It is still in use in certain areas of the nation and it is banned in some others. Currently, there is an active movement towards promoting an awareness of the necessity for safer chemicals. Today, the demand for natural, biological products continues to rise because they are safe and 100% environmentally friendly.

Although all of our odor control products far surpass industry requirements, our ultimate and most potent weapon against portable toilet malodors is Metazene, a colorless, scentless neutralizing additive that demolishes odor at a molecular level.

Metazene Surco Portable Sanitation Odor Neutralizer

Many fragrance manufacturers have developed their own signature odor control formulations. Most of them are highly diluted with water and contain questionable ingredients. They are simply no mach for Metazene, which is incorporated into many Surco odor-control products such as portable restroom deodorant and wash down sprays among others.

In conclusion

We are at the forefront of companies that are concerned with the legacy our products and services are leaving for future generations. We are fully prepared for the world of tomorrow, and will continue to push the boundaries of industrial science with the power of scientific research to find new and improved paths for the development of safe, healthy and environmentally friendly portable toilet odor control products.

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Sign on a portable toilet: Do not throw cigarette butts in this porta-potty. it makes them soggy and hard to light.~ Pinterest


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