Surco PT Odor Control Rumate And Solid Air Fresheners

Why PT Companies Swear By Our Rumate & Solid Air Fresheners

Those that own or operate portable sanitation companies know full well that portable toilets need a little extra air freshener kick to completely ensure 24/7 30-day vaporous odor control and fragrance enhancement.

The problem, at least for some, has been finding an effective, set-it-and-forget-it solution that not only provides an extra level of fragrant scent diffusion but also completely obliterates vaporous malodors.

Well, to be honest, that’s only been a problem for those that haven’t used our high performance solid Squair air freshener wafers and passive Rumate housing units. For those that have — well, let’s just say stinky odors have bit the proverbial dust long ago.

So if you’re not currently a part of the Surco family, we’ve assembled nine reasons portable sanitation companies swear by our dry solid wafer odor control solutions.

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Surco’s Superior Solid Square Air-Fresheners

Since these powerful air fresheners last up to 30 days, provide instant extra odor protection in portable toilets and they’re cost-effective, PT operators and purveyors constantly demand the solid square wafer refills.

These wafers are especially formulated to withstand repeated portable toilet wash-downs, which makes them ideal for large events and functions. The solid square refills do their odor-control work away from prying eyes. They are usually not noticed by users and come individually wrapped in easy-tear bags to preserve their freshness.

The Rumate Passive Air Freshener

This air freshener appliance is ideal for easy odor control within the confines of smaller spaces, such as portable toilets. This compact dispenser’s strategically placed side vents permit maximum fragrance flow. In addition, the Rumate requires no batteries because it utilizes natural air and evaporation as energy sources. This dispenser uses Solid Squair Wafer air freshener refills, which provide enduring and supremely effective odor neutralization and fragrance enrichment.

This versatile air freshening dispenser can be mounted wherever discreet odor control is desired. This includes locations such as: doors; hallways; walls; lockers; under desks; trash bin lids; boats or recreational vehicles.

9 Reasons PT Operators Demand The Rumate Air-Freshener

This versatile air freshener dispenser can be placed anywhere aroma enhancement is desired. Recommended spaces for optimum performance are portable toilets, elevators, under desks, trash bin lids, foyers and hotel rooms. There are nine reasons why this air freshener is the favorite employed by portable toilet purveyors and end users everywhere.

  • It Has A Heavy Duty Polymer Construction

A polymer is a large molecule, or macromolecule, composed of many repeated subunits. Heavy-duty polymers often replace metal parts in both home and commercial appliances, providing heat resistance, strength and stability, combined with design flexibility. This type of construction when used in portable toilet appliances guarantees controlled release and prolonged duration of fragrance.

  • The Rumate Air-Freshener Is Vandal-Resistant

Depending on location, portable bathrooms may need to be locked up at night. The Rumate comes with a key that can facilitate this option.

  • It Has A Very Low Profile

Many air freshener dispensers are clunky andobvious.The Rumate has a slim design and can be placed in areas where its presence will be appreciated but not visible.

  • The Rumate Out-Performs Paper Blotter Disks

The Rumate provides air-care and odor control solutions that are far superior to dispensers that utilize conventional paper blotter discs that are still in use today. The wafers inserted in the Rumate are much more powerful and they contain a tremendous amount of fragrance as well as Metazene, the king of odor neutralizing additives.

  • This Air-Freshening Dispenser Has No Need For Batteries

The secret to its power source lies within the air freshening wafer, which utilizes natural air and evaporates with the passage of time.

  • Control Of The Air-Freshener Evaporation Rate

This air-freshening device has a special vent opening, which can be set to accommodate particular needs. The smaller the set, the less evaporation will occur. Making the vent opening larger will permit more evaporation and a dramatic increase in air-freshening and odor control.

  • The Rumate Can Be Used In The Cab Of A Pumper Truck

These trucks come in several varieties and are considered specialty vehicles that are used in a wide variety of industries and settings, including portable toilets. They have the capacity to pump liquids or slurries in and out of the tank, and the Rumate Air Freshener can be easily adapted for use in the cab of a pumper truck. Speaking of pumper trucks, check out our Fresh Lube exhaust air freshener.

  • Our Wafers Are Available In 5 Popular Fragrances

The five flavors include: Cherry, Lemon, Tropicana, Strawberry and Cinnamon.

  • Our Air Freshening Wafers Contain Metazene

This colorless, odorless additive is the most powerful odor control agent on the market today. It stands alone with its power to completely eradicate odors caused by gram-positive bacteria because it works like no other neutralizer. Its success lies in its chemical abilities to bond with heavier odor molecules, causing them to sink and evaporate in the air.

The Future of Surco and The Rumate Air-Freshener

Our staff of chemists and researchers in the enormous state-of-the-art Technology Center situated in the technological RIDC Industrial Park is always at work keeping one (and sometimes two or three) steps ahead of its many competitors.

This research hub is equipped with the very latest in technological progress, which include: gas chromatography; mass spectrometry; headspace analysis; distillation; extraction and quality control technology. Whether it’s our Metazene-infused odor control wash-down solution, our fragrance enhanced self-locking fresh straps or our many other portable toilet odor neutralizing solutions, our teams are always in a constant flux of innovation to insure all our products are always superior and the best available anywhere to PT operators and end users.

With an eye always on adaptation, improvement and survival, Surco and the Rumate Air-Freshener may undergo improvements in the future, but they both are here to stay.

If you are a portable toilet operator, give our Rumate and solid wafer air fresheners a try. You are certain to remain friends forever.


Why Is Surco The Best Provider of Odor Control Products?

We recognized the importance Superior portable toilet odor control and Surco products are two phrases that have been synonymous for decades.

This specialty chemical manufacturer and provider of the most advanced and effective portable restroom odor control solutionsboasts a client base that is spread across all the corners of the globe.

Located in the heart of Pittsburgh, portable sanitation, portable toilet (PT) supply companies and potential distributors insist upon their state-of-the-art portable toilet odor control products because they are far superior to any others on the modern market place.

The reason lies mostly in that old joke about how one gets to Carnegie Hall. The answer is practice. Surco’s success rests upon the laurels of its rich and innovative history of innovation, trial and error and finely tuned understanding and application of the principles of industrial science.

In continuous operation for more than sixty years, the chemists at Surco transformed the once nascent portable toilet industry with their invention of the ultra concentrated non-formaldehyde portable toilet chemicals that were once known as “syrups.”

In addition to our unparalleled customer service, our main advantage over competitors lies in our state-of-the-art, in-house, 85,000-square foot Technology Center. This complex is comprised of a team of experts and equipped with the very latest in gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, head space analysis, distillation, extraction and quality control technology.

We have permanently altered the landscape of the modern portable toilet industry. Every formulation far exceeds industry standards and portable sanitation, portable toilet (PT) operators, supply companies and potential distributors can be confident when they choose to either purchase or sell Surco products because we have had decades to develop and provide the best solutions for malodors in portable toilets and restroom trailers.

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