The Most Effective Fragrance-Enhancing
Odor Control Solutions


Surco is a specialty chemical manufacturer and provider of portable restroom odor control liquid deodorants, dry toss packets, wash down sprays and more. With well over seven decades of laboratory refinements and on-site experience, we deliver the most effective, molecular-activated, odor neutralizing porta potty solutions to PT suppliers, distributors and the septic pumping and waste removal industries.
We also manufacture the most effective odor neutralizers for waste water treatment facilities, lift stations, tanneries, rubber manufacturing, metal cutting, asphalt and stack emissions plants, textile dye processing factories, foundries , petroleum transfer operations, rendering/tallow operations, dairy processing effluent, animal containment (hog /swine,cattle, poultry, kennels) and more. Our world-renowned “Odomaster® Prescription Treatment Series” are compounded with the highest quality ingredients and are also available in natural formulations, making any odorous industry a better neighbor with peace of mind.
Contact our team today for any of your PT supplier needs. Or if you would like to become a distributor of our odor control products, we are actively seeking representatives throughout Europe, Brazil, Australia, Chile, Mexico, South Africa, the United Kingdom and other countries. Claim a territory today!


Meet A Few Of Our Administrative
Support And Sales Staff

Introducing team Surco® — We believe that great talent will always produce great products. That’s why we have put together a collection of smart and energetic team players dedicated to making better odor control products and expanding the science of fragrance.

Tonya Ray
Account Manager
Raymond Czapko
New Business Development
Bryan Zlotnik
Executive of Operations
Lisa Vasko
Sr. Sales Representative

Perfecting The Science Of Creating Scent And Eliminating Malodors

Creating a great scent is just as much of an art form and scientific process as eliminating odors, and we approach each with an equal amount of passion and precision. Our state of the art manufacturing facility houses a team of expert scientists and is equipped with the latest in gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, head space analysis, distillation, extraction and quality control technology.

This enables us to capture the essence and character of natural products, maintain a precise compatibility of fragrances, observe stability and consistency of fragrances and ensure a level of quality and safety others can’t match. Discover why we’re the preferred supply company for businesses throughout the world.


Our Key Partners And Professional Affiliations


Air-Scent International Logo Surco Partner


With decades of refinements, innovations and on-site experience, Air-Scent International has become a global leader in commercial ambient scent branding products and services, industrial air freshener diffuser systems and related restroom hygiene supplies.

Air-Scent offers the most diverse array of air fresheners, deodorizers and odor control products to scenting companies, distributors, route service operators and directly to a wide range of global clients across every industry.



Apha Aromatics Logo Suro Partner


Surco® portable deodorant products are a fully supported brand of Alpha Aromatics® – a full service manufacturer of fragrances and odor control specialty ingredients. As a leading fragrance company, they enrich the environment around us with some of the most innovative and prestigious scented product brands in the marketplace, from compositions for fine perfumes, personal care products, natural & organic fragrances to candles & diffusers, fragrances for home products, odor neutralizers and much more. Discover Alpha Aromatics and its significant breathe of talent.