PT Liquid Blue Deodorizing Packets Or Tabs

PT Liquid Blue, Deodorizing Packets Or Tabs: Which Is Best?

No mater how attractive or colorful a portable toilet may be, the bane of all effective portable toilet operators (and end users) concerns the mitigation of bad odors and the successful breakdown of waste in units.

This is not even easier said than done, but it is crucial to keeping customers happy and getting repeat business, which has been a specialty of ours for well over seven decades.

There are so many odor-control products on the market today that are blue, sort of blue, kind of blue and not even blue.

They all promise effective cover up of waste and odor found in portable toilets. They come in different containers, like pails and tanks, and are poured into portable toilet tanks in amounts that vary by manufacturer, but none of them can compare to the supreme efficiency of the arsenal of blue odor fighting PT products our chemists have invented.

All portable toilets use the blue liquid because a working septic or sewer system is not always available, and eradicating foul-smelling waste is a primary concern to both portable toilet operators and end users.

The deep blue, non-staining dyes represent a proactive approach to managing potentially unpleasant smells because they disguise the waste, paper and debris and keep the restroom smelling fresh and clean over time and usage.

The Importance of Mitigating Odors In Portable Toilets

Deodorizers for portable restrooms are the reason the water in the toilet tank is blue. Their sole purpose is to neutralize the odors caused by fecal deposits left in the blue liquid. Not only do they neutralize the odors from previous visitors, they are also highly scented for a long-lasting, pleasant smell within the controlled environment of the portable restroom.

While probably no one connects the idea of proper nutrition with portable toilets, there is a deep and perilous link between appropriate nourishment and the lack of adequate sanitation equipment. Sickness that spreads from poor nutrient absorption can develop from poorly maintained toilets and sinks.

One sobering and very necessary realization every portable toilet user must evaluate is that even the lack of a bad smell, doesn’t mean that nothing bad lingers there. Truth be told, millions of bacteria move through the air every time someone uses a portable restroom.

Relevant Facts And Statistics

The portable toilet rental market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20% from 2018 to 2025. They have experienced a rise in demand over the course of the last decade due to both increases in urbanization and construction. By their very nature, construction sites require a large number of workers and a temporary yet highly sophisticated sanitation system for managing human waste.

In addition, venues such as outdoor festivals of all kinds and sports events have brought about a significant rise in the need for the leasing of portable toilets.

The many advances in the fields of science, technology and the understanding and respect for the importance of bathroom hygiene have all contributed to the steady use of and reliance on portable restrooms. More and more frequently, they are requested at private events such as outdoor weddings and family get-togethers.

Surco’s Non-Formaldehyde Blue Liquid

There are few who would argue the benefits and convenience of portable toilets in our modern world. Just as that old saying about no man being an island, no portable toilet odor control effort can standalone and function all by itself.

Surco has been a household name within the portable toilet industry since the mid 1940s. Our chemists and researchers invented and developed the ultra concentrated non-formaldehyde portable toilet chemicals that were once known as “syrups.” Our operations and maintenance require the consistent use of effective odor-control products.

Our two best-selling, safe and cost-effective products are liquid blue Potty Fresh Plus and the deodorizing Dry Toss Packets.

These bacterial inhibitors and odor neutralizers have altered the landscape of the portable toilet industry forever. Their development and continued success is largely due to our highly knowledgeable staff of researchers and chemists who all work at our Pittsburgh-based laboratories.

Deodorizers, Odor Control and Formaldehyde

The goal of deodorizers is to ensure that the portable toilet still smells fresh and clean, even when the reservoir is filling up. Some concentrated deodorizers are low cost and formaldehyde-based. Even though these products do arrest the odor, they can be dangerous to human health.

As a pioneer in portable toilet odor-control products, we never use formaldehyde in any of our products, as the health and environmental risks are much greater than any monetary savings could ever be.

Formaldehyde is hazardous to human health and both workers and end users can all be negatively affected by exposure, handling and breathing it in within the confines of a small space such as a portable toilet.

Formaldehyde is still in use in certain areas of the nation and it is banned in some others. Currently, there is an active movement towards promoting an awareness of the necessity for safer chemicals. Today, the demand for natural, biological products continues to rise because they are safe and 100% environmentally friendly.

Formaldehyde causes chest pain, shortness of breath, coughing, and nose and throat irritation. It can also cause cancer, and has been linked to an increased risk of asthma and allergies in children.

Classified in 2011 by the United States government as a known human carcinogen, this dangerous chemical still exists in many everyday products mostly because of industry lobbyists. We at Surco never have and never will cave to such interests, as our concern is and always has been the safety, well-being and satisfaction of its ever-growing customer base.

Liquid Blue Forms And Pro And Cons

All industry experts agree that “Blue” is the most important color and the only way to go when it comes to the right chemical for treating portable toilet tanks. It comes in many varieties, so many in fact, that it can be a difficult choice as to which type is best suited for any PT business operator’s needs.

The following paragraphs are intended to answer this question as well as evaluate which products, according to our chemists, are considered deficient.

Liquid Potty Fresh Plus Press ‘N Pour

Our Potty Fresh Plus sets the standard for liquid portable toilet deodorant concentrates because it is the most powerful product of its kind on the market today.

This non-formaldehyde portable toilet deodorant offers superior odor control even during the warmer months of the year when bacteria thrive. In addition, Potty Fresh Plus does not harm the environment and reinforces the company’s sustainable mission to create the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Potty Fresh Plus is economical and has the advantage of allowing operators to “add a little extra” if necessary without doubling the cost of service. It also provides the lowest cost per service when the recommended amount is used.

Powerful biocides kill odor-causing germs, allowing toilets to smell clean for longer periods of time than other cheaper products that only serve to mask odors. Surco’s exclusive use of Metazene, a potent, odorless neutralizing additive that kills bacteria on a molecular level, annihilates gram-positive bacteria via a chemical reaction.

The heavier odor-causing molecules bond with the Metazene and eventually evaporate. This process maintains freshness in the ambient air of portable toilets for significant intervals between servicing.

Additionally, Surco was first to bring the proportioning squeeze bottle to the portable sanitation industry, known as the Press n’ Pour (TM) container that our Potty Fresh Plus is equipped with. This is the simplest and easiest method of exact/accurate measurement of liquids. The press n’ pour containers eliminate the mess and handling of heavy pails and drums in addition to drastically reducing storage space. Plus clean and minimal storage area are needed to stock Press ‘n Pour bottles within any pumper truck. This design is quite simply the most convenient way of using liquids.

Dry Toss (Deodorizing) Packets

These Metazene-energized, single-use deodorizing packets are reliable, easy to handle and offer superior performance that is perfect for use at all kinds of special events all year long.

They offer the deepest blue color in the industry, stronger fragrance and more potent biocides than those of our competitors.

It is the ground-breaking design, which includes a clean, easy-to-handle water-soluble membrane, which heralds the end of sticky packets, blue fingers and irregular portion control that sets these packets apart from others of their ilk.

The Metazene Edge

Both the Potty Fresh Plus and The Dry Toss Packets are superior products, and in both cases, it is the Metazene vaporous odor neutralizing additive within them that fuels their odor-killing power.

Today’s market place is flooded with fragrance manufacturers who have developed their own compounds for mitigating malodors. Many of these are not only diluted with water, they also contain elements of dubious value. These “bogus” deodorizers merely disguise odors, which initially costs less, but in the end exacerbates the problem and can be very costly.

Metazene is exclusive to Surco and it is a unique advantage. This deodorizer offers ultimate protection against vaporous malodors and completely eliminates foul smells at a molecular level.

Why Deodorizing Tablets Don’t Work

Single-use deodorizing tablets are a solid form of blue that dissolves when added to portable toilet tanks. While other companies may use them regularly, they are the least favorite within the industry and Surco never created a tablet version of blue for a number of reasons. In the words of company founder, Arnold Zotnik: “All of the hoopla over tablets years ago has evaporated as quickly as the smells we ameliorate.”

We never developed a tablet version of blue because they don’t dissolve quickly enough, and in some cases have been known to not dissolve at all and fail to release the blue as advertised.

Further, they don’t travel well and storage of these tabs especially in warm weather, often causes them to stick together and become damaged. Tabs can also be very messy and PT operators often complain of sticky fingers and hard-to-remove dye on their hands. There is also no guarantee of exact treatment amounts when dealing with the tablets, and often the only option is to over-treat or under-treat the tank.

The Future of Surco Portable Sanitation Products & Liquid Blue

There is no doubt we are and will remain a leader within the portable toilet industry, and we are fully prepared for the world of tomorrow and will continue to push the boundaries of industrial sciencewith the power of scientific research conducted in our 85,000 square-foot Technology Center situated in downtown Pittsburgh.

So call our team today for any and all help with operator and end user portable toilet strategies and solutions.

Final thought on portable toilets: What’s the difference between a politician and a porta-potty? One’s full of you-know-what and the other is used at construction sites! ~ Anonymous


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