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7 Reasons Portable Toilet Operators Prefer Our Dry Toss Packs

The portable sanitation odor control industry has evolved over the years, and our in-house product development teams, chemists and perfumers at Surco have remained leaps and bounds ahead of the proverbial curve.

We constantly study the market with a keen eye to drive and refine product performance and ease of use while continually inventing new solutions that solve the inadequacies of our competitor’s products as well as improve upon our own offerings.

While many portable toilet service providers utilize odor control liquids — and ours is the industry’s premier preforming solution — most PT liquids can often come with inconveniences that make dry packets more preferable.

These inconveniences include potential spilling, leaking (in your vehicle or during shipment), dripping and staining. They can also be harder to handle, require more effort and time to utilize and due to the fact they come in bulkier drums and pales, they often require more storage space and labor.

We recently wrote about five key odor fighting products no portable restroom operator should ever be without, and the first in the “Surco 5-pack” was our X-treme Dry Toss packets. But what makes them the preferred choice over other competitor’s dry and liquid solutions?

Read on as we break it down, point-by-by point and fact-by-fact.

First A Little History On Surco Portable Sanitation Products

Portable sanitation products of all types are our specialty and from our inception our mission has always been to create solutions that surpass industry standards.

Family-owned and in continuous operation for more than seventy years, we are located in the heart of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Clients, however, hail from every corner of the globe. The sum of the above has made us a world-renowned leader and purveyor of superior odor-control products for the modern portable sanitation industry.

Our advantage over competitors lies in our in-house, 85,000-square-foot Technology Center, which is comprised of a team of experts and equipped with the very latest in gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, odor chambers, head space analysis, distillation, extraction and quality control technology.

In addition to PT suppliers, our client base expands into many diverse industries. We produce a full line of prescription treatment™ solutions for rubber manufacturers, asphalt producers, textile dye processing factories, foundries, waste water treatment plants, landfills, dairy processing plants, stack emissions and the septic pumping and waste removal industries. Each relies heavily upon Surco’s unique, effective, molecular-activated, odor neutralizing solutions.

We are always is in a constant state of development of our many products due to innovations in applications arising from advances in industrial science and technology.

Surco’s Portable Sanitation Dry Toss Packets

Their groundbreaking, new design is greatly improved over others of their ilk and includes a clean, easy-to-handle water-soluble membrane, which eliminates the problem of “sticky” packets, blue fingers and waste — making them the most effective in the market.

Users can count on these dry packets to do their job all times of the year and at all types of special events and venues. There are two types of dry toss packets that we offer to our ever-expanding client base; Xtreme and Solid Dry Toss Packets. Both are easy to use, quick dissolving, portion controlled and long lasting.

Xtreme Dry Toss Packets

Our X-treme Dry Toss packets are our strongest and most effective for use in high traffic/warm weather conditions. Gram-positive bacteria multiply much more rapidly during the summer months, as humid temperatures are ideal for reproduction via binary fission in which a single cell divides into two identical daughter cells.

Bacteria, such as e-Coli, for example, have been known to divide every twenty minutes. Eradicating their foul-smelling hegemony over portable toilet odors requires a super strong product.

Our X-Treme packets come in a case of 55 re-sealable pouches. They areclean, easy to handle and come in three fragrance options that will completely freshen any portable toilet service. They are: Xtreme Berry Cherry, Xtreme Fresh and Clean and Xtreme Summer Fresh.

There are no varying levels of potency to choose from, as these packets are available in only one extreme strength, and you can increase potency by doubling them up, or even tripling, providing the most powerful defense against bad smells. Their biocides, backed by the odor-neutralizing additive, Metazene, are the most potent known to industrial science and there is no deeper blue found anywhere within the portable toilet industry.

Why PT Suppliers Prefer Our Dry Toss Packets

Here are seven specific reasons backing the popularity of our dry toss packets with portable sanitation suppliers and their superior effectiveness within the PT Industry.

  1. Both types of packets are very effective for a number of reasons. They contain a special dissolvable pouch made of paper. This innovative design not only prevents waste and fingers from turning blue, but also encourages a long storage life. The new specifications provide a sterile, easy to handle, water-soluble casing.
  2. They represent the best advancements that industrial science has to offer in terms of odor control, management solutions and ease of maintenance.
  3. Our toss packets contain the highest fragrance content of any other product of its ilk. The scents that are available have been proven and are the most requested among portable toilet users.
  4. In addition to popular and industry-leading fragrances, Surco’s dry toss packet scent selections also provide supreme quality and freshness to the portable toilet experience over other competitors off-spec fragrances that often have lower quality and poorer performance.
  5. Surco’s dry toss packets offer the highest possible blue dye content. Each packet must contain fragrance, detergents, biocides and dye. We load ours to the absolute highest capacity of the deepest blue found anywhere in the industry. This disguises unsightly waste solids.
  6. They are the most powerful odor control dry toss packets because they contain highly effective biocides, which destroy odor causing organisms and are known to reduce bacterial odors when used in conjunction with our effective odor neutralizer, the world-renowned odor neutralizer known as Metazene.
  7. Last but nowhere near least of the seven most important factors that make Surco’s dry toss packets superior to other liquid and solid solutions is our scientifically developed compound, Metazene, the king of the odor control additives. Both packets contain it. The Metazene edge is like no other because this colorless, widely used neutralizer fights vaporous malodors at a molecular level. This incredibly powerful odor-neutralizing additive works by bonding with the odor molecules and completely destroying them. Other manufacturer’s products do not contain an actual odor neutralizer additive; they fall short by merely masking the odor rather than attacking the malodors molecules directly. Quite simply, the molecular power of Metazene’s chemical reaction simply cannot be matched.

In Conclusion

Whether it’s our odor neutralizing, air-freshening, self-locking PT cabin Fresh Straps, our Spray and Washdown solution or our Pump Oil Exhaust additive, we apply the same continual innovative refinements to every product we create. If you are a supplier of portable sanitation products or a purveyor of portable toilets, Surco dry toss packets should always be included in your arsenal of odor-fighting tools.

Buy some today! Once you do, you will never choose another brand.


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