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5 Facts Driving The Success Of Our Septic Bio Waste Degrader

Eliminating waste has been a problem for humanity since the dawn of time. Ancient civilizations had their solutions; albeit dumping, burning and/or burying their trash in pits were messy, unsanitary and very smelly alternatives.

While we were not around in those messy days of yore, we have been a household name since our establishment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, back in 1946. We have since become a global provider of odor-control products for today’s portable toilet industry, which include everything from PT dry toss packets, odor neutralizing PT cabin fresh straps and pumper truck exhaust deodorants to Graffiti removers, passive air freshener dispensers and of course our industrial septic biological organic waste degrader and all-purpose odor controller, Enz-O-Matic, to name just a few.

Our clients hail from all over the world and they all clamor for our state-of-the-art portable toilet odor control products that are far superior to others of their ilk. Our success lies in our rich history of innovation and keen understanding and application of the principles of industrial science. Our many operations and products demand perfection which our highly knowledgeable staff delivers every day.

What are the 4 key ingredients of toilet odor control products? Our team explains.

The Key Ingredients In Toilet Odor Control Products

Our industrial scientists are always at work perfecting our superior odor-control products that are specially formulated for use in portable toilets. They work in their 85,000 square-foot Technology Center, which is situated in just outside of downtown Pittsburgh, PA.

This multi-functional, cutting edge manufacturing facility is our secret edge over their competitors. Here, we are equipped with the very latest in gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, headspace analysis, distillation, extraction and quality control technology.

Since our inception, our researchers and chemists have been designing and rigorously fine-tuning the performance of our products with the goal of creating the ultimate odor-neutralizing arsenal to help PT operators, PT supply companies and manufacturers effectively eliminate bad odors that emanate from portable toilet usage. And our Enz-O-Matic bio waste degrader is no exception.

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Enz-O-Matic Industrial Organic Biological Waste Degrader

Septic Biological Waste Degrader | Enz-O-Matic | Surco

It should not be surprising that within this innovative milieu a product designated for portable toilet efficiency could arise that stands far above the rest.

Specifically, our biological waste degrader is the most effective is the most powerfully effective and we stand behind its many qualities and abilities as proudly as any adoring parent would an accomplished child.

The following are just a few important facts that you might not know about this amazing bio-waste degrader.

5 Reasons Enz-O-Matic Crushes Its Competitors

While there may be similar products in the modern market place, Enz-O-Matic has become the best that money can buy because of the following five factors.

  • 200+ Billion Live Bacterial Cultures Per Gallon Concentrate

According to Arnold Zlotnik, President and CEO of Surco Portable Sanitation Products, “this high density of living, non-pathogenic bacteria produces enzymes at an incredibly rapid rate, which in turn quickly degrades all types of organic wastes, enabling it to provide continuous enzyme protection against bacteria, which is known to double its count every 20 to 30 minutes. The resulting enzymes digest and neutralize grease, blood, urine, vomit, feces, sewage and other organic substances immediately upon contact.”

  • Unique Surfactants Provide Instant Odor Control

The deodorizing abilities of this bio-waste degrader lie in its unique blend of special surfactants (elements that cause liquids to spread out rather than collect in pools) and superior odor control fragrances that provide instantaneous odor control and air-freshening solutions. Our bio-waste degrader is very effective when applied in floor drains, grease traps, septic systems, drain lines and more.

Its incredibly potent odor control properties are credited to Surco’s wonder weapon: namely, Metazene. This colorless, vaporous odor-neutralizing additive attacks and eradicates odors on a molecular level. Chemically, the heavier Metazene molecules bond with the lighter odor particles and cause them to sink and eventually evaporate. The Metazene edge is unique, and there is no other additive anywhere on the market today that can match the power and efficacy of its chemical reaction.

  • This Bio-Waste Degrader Contains Only Natural Elements

It is the natural enzymes contained within this bio-waste degrader that digest and liquefy organic substances and neutralize foul odors upon contact. Enzymes do this by breaking down the organic material into smaller parts. They have the ability to penetrate and substrate (which means they can be acted upon within a bio-chemical reaction).

  • This Septic Bio-Waste Degrader Is Very Versatile

Cleaning floor drains, drain lines, grease traps, organic stains, and septic systems is highly effective with this septic bio-waste degrader, which works best when starting with a clean surface.

  • And Of Course It Is Entirely VOC Compliant

This means this degrader conforms to (is compliant with) local and state regulations concerning the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are permitted within a single product.

By nature, these organic chemicals have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature. Volatility is the result of a low boiling point and subsequent evaporation of large numbers of molecules, which enter the surrounding air. In addition, this product is certified salmonella-free, is non-polluting to the environment and contains no acids or toxins.

In conclusion

The future looks bright for portable toilet industry, and the many odor control tools are constantly adapting to the changing times and demands of both users and purveyors. Enz-O-Matic is perfect for use in floor drains drain lines, grease traps, septic systems and more.

If you own or operate a portable toilet company, or you’re a manufacturer, supplier or seller of portable toilet odor control products, call our team today or submit an order, and see what our bio-waster septic degrader can do for your portable toilet systems.

Final thoughts on waste, the planet and the environment: What I stand for is what I stand on. ~ Wendell Barry

Relevant Studies and Statistics About Septic Waste

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), some 23,000 to 75,000 untreated sewage overflows from American treatment plants occur every year. The EPA refers to this overflow as “the largest category of our nation’s wastewater infrastructure that still needs to be addressed.”

There have been several studies on this subject. One conducted in 2010 concluded that after a heavy rain, emergency room visits for gastrointestinal distress increased dramatically.

Experts believe this occurs because after a storm, rainwater washes harmful pathogens and toxins into lakes used for drinking water and swimming. Environmental Health Perspectives published a study in 2015 that built upon the earlier research, adding that a common type of municipal sewage-treatment and combined sewer systems were factors in these illnesses.

Septic Waste Overflow Water Treatment

The real issue is the chain reaction that follows an overflow because gram-positive fecal bacteria travel and interfere with the food chain. For example, waste spilled in the Ohio River affects all life along that river and the Mississippi as well, all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico, which is where more than 40% of all commercial seafood consumed within the United Sates is caught.

A Few More Interesting Facts About Restroom Hygiene

  • The average person uses the toilet 2,500 times per year.
  • Pomegranates studded with cloves were used as the first toilet air-fresheners.
  • The average person uses about 57 sheets of toilet paper every day.
  • Unsafe sanitation and drinking water, as well as poor hygiene, account for nearly 20% of all child deaths globally.
  • The results of one recent study indicate that there is a correlation between how many features a smart phone offers and the amount of time their owners spend in the toilet.
  • Over 7 million people in the United States alone have admitted to having dropped their cell phones in the toilet bowl.
  • Only one in 20 people washes their hands properly after going to the toilet.
  • The cleanest toilet in a public place is almost always the first toilet cubicle in a row, because for some strange reason, it is usually the least used.
  • Common synonyms for the word, bathroom, are: loo ;powder room; lavatory; outhouse; ladies; convenience; washroom; men’s room; dunny; bog; khazi; gents, garderobe, necessary; women’s room; restroom; potty; privy; the smallest room; cloakroom; latrine; place of easement; water closet (WC); john; can; little girls’ room; little boys’ room; throne room and facilities.
  • The first public toilets that were installed in 1850 at the Crystal Palace in London required that visitors pay one penny for their use.


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