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It’s Like Trying To Find A Tootsie Roll In A Septic Tank

Good Odor Control Products, That Is …

At first glance, the title of our latest blog might seem as if a reader was about to embark on an exposé concerning a rather odd analogy that evokes few if any mental associations except maybe to those with mental issues. Second glances only reinforce this idea and cement the fact that in this particular case, appearances are revealing and not deceiving.

So what would be the point? So glad you asked, dear reader, for understanding the benefits of good odor-control in commercial enterprises is vital to company success and the improvement of that important and sometimes elusive bottom line, especially for businesses within the portable sanitation waste management industries.

Finding Good Commercial Odor-Control Products

Finding effective odor control products for use in portable restrooms and other commercial environments can be frustrating and can be compared to other seemingly futile quests. These include but are not limited to: the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; the treasure of the Sierra Madre and the words of an old Italian idiom that translates into ‘making a hole in water.’ Lastly and most relevantly, it can also include the analogy of the quest for a tootsie roll® in a septic tank.

The motive behind all of these comparisons is not to annoy readers, but rather to inform them if they don’t know already that most odor-control products simply do not work. The reason conventional odor-control products do not work is because they cannot do the job even if they are working under the auspices of an equal opportunity employer. Their resumé, so to speak, has gaps in experience and is lacking in power. 

Our superior products are not only backed by 70 years of scientific research and innovation, they are also generously infused with Metazene, a colorless neutralizing additive that attacks malodors on a molecular level and kills them deader than any doornail could ever hope to be. 

What Is A Good Odor And What Does It Want?

Odor is classically defined as “the sensation that results when olfactory receptors in the nose are stimulated by particular chemicals in gaseous form.” Whether it’s the smell of a Sunday breakfast wafting from a loving kitchen or the recall of a vacation by the ocean with loved ones, these scents wait in the wings of consciousness to be awakened with one sniff of an aroma that is connected to important moments in our lives.

Some good odors are: coffee brewing, cookies baking, the smell of the earth after it rains and the tell-tale stink of a judgmental mother-in-law’s perfume wafting by as she is LEAVING your home.

What Are Good Odors

All odors start out as innocent but volatile molecules that are always in search of something to which they can attach themselves. Clinging vines in their own invisible way, their compositions can easily turn from liquid to gas. Good odors mean well and seek only recognition as carriers of pleasant memories of past moments. 

Maintaining them in public bathrooms and near septic tanks requires both a company with a plan and superior odor-control products such as those that Surco provides. Good odors might appreciate a simple ‘thank you’ from all those who use the facilities in which they so fragrantly reside, but they have learned to settle for the passive appreciation that comes from happy portable restroom users.

What Exactly Are Bad Odors?

Alas, for not all smells are created equal. It is concentration that makes the difference in the degree of the malodor. Cat pee, for example, is a nasal nightmare even for lovers of felines. Cats have excellent kidneys and when they urinate, they release a heavy dose of urea, which is a compound that forms when ammonia and carbon dioxide combine. The potent mix that assails our senses is unmistakable and like no other. Cats can and do get away with this unpleasantness because they make up for it with their ability to distract their owners with their adorable foibles, but septic tanks cannot do this.

What Is Bad Odor

Bad odors are smelly unwanted guests that are often difficult to eliminate because the liquids associated with them can easily sink into all sorts of porous surfaces, such as wood-work and carpeting. With all the tenacity of an unresolved grudge from a Mafia boss, these materials can retain fluids for months and even years. 

For as long as ambient conditions permit volatile compounds to transform into gasses, the stink will remain and continue its unhealthy reign in portable toilets. The first step, however smelly it might be, involves discovering the source of the surface whereupon it hides. 

If human reactions to both good and bad smells are learned and not instinctive, does this mean that malodors can find acceptance among new-borns living in a nursery next door to a landfill? 

Should parents and relatives visit without showering to reinforce this democratic attitude? With home schooling and enough exposure, the children could grow to be conscientious, objective, nose blind observers either working for Surco distributors and/or the military.

The Word, Tootsie®, in Popular Culture

Al Jolson’s famous lament: Toot toot tootsie goodbye; toot toot tootsie don’t cry, may not be lyrics that haunt our memories from times past, but they do politely reflect an attitude of so long, get out of here, don’t let the door kick you in the tush and who needs you anyway? 

While the famous crooner sang of a romantic break-up, we at Surco tell another goodbye tale involving the eradication and permanent annihilation of malodors and nasty parasites that linger in potable toilets and septic tanks.

Still another derivation of the word refers to a woman who is, shall we say, available. Although not exactly what the movie, Tootsie, depicted, Dustin Hoffman portrayed a man leading a double life as a woman. He/she was a woman of scruples in his/her own unique deceptive way. While there may be no songs or movies referring to good odors and tootsie rolls® in septic tanks, be patient, dear reader, for I am getting there.

A Sweet Short Story Of The Tootsie Roll®

This mildly chocolate-flavored taffy-like candy has been manufactured in the United States since 1907. The industry is one of the largest candy manufacturers in the world. The original recipe called for the inclusion of the previous day’s batch, a process that continues to this day. Theoretically, this means that there is a bit of the first tootsie roll® ever made in every one of the approximately 64 million Tootsie Rolls® produced every day of the year.

In an interesting aside (apart from the total aside which is this article) during the Korean War and the 1950 Battle of Chosin Reservoir, the US Marine Corps was running out of mortar rounds and were awaiting new supplies when they accidentally ordered hundreds of crates of Tootsie Rol®l candies instead of mortar rounds. This occurred because the military code words for mortar rounds are “tootsie rolls.”

We Are The Tootsie Roll® Of The Portable Toilet World

Over the course of the last seven decades, we have maintained an unblemished reputation within the portable toilet industry as purveyors of superior odor-control products. That famous “S” on Superman’s shirt could also easily stand for Surco.

5 Products Portable Restroom Suppliers Should Never Do Without

Similar to that quiet, mild-mannered, efficient reporter, Clark Kent, our products are content to do their jobs effectively and quietly. While they may not serve truth, justice and the American way as Superman was rumored to do, they greatly improve the misunderstood realm of odor-control for septic tanks and portable toilets.

Our products and systems represent the most powerful arsenal of weapons in the battle against the stench of stinky septic tank waste. All of the following products contain Metazene, which is the most potent odor-neutralizing additive on the market today. Its power lies in a chemical reaction in which the heavier malodorous molecules sink and evaporate when they bond with the Metazene particles. This bacterial inhibitor has altered the landscape of the portable toilet industry forever. 

Our highly knowledgeable staff of researchers and chemists work at our suburban Pittsburgh-based laboratories pushing the boundaries of industrial science every day, which results in developing new ‘tootsie rolls’ to perfection.

The Surco Five-Pack PT Odor Neutralizing System

This collection of Surco products involves a five-pronged attack on portable toilet odors, which includes: Xtreme Dry Toss Packets Or Potty Fresh Plus Liquid; Metazene-Fuelled PT Spray And Washdown Solution; Square Wafer Solid Deodorizers Used Within The Rumate Air Dispenser; Self-Locking, Odor-Neutralizing Fresh Strap Air-Fresheners and last but not least,  the Fresh  Lube—The Most Effective Vacuum Pump Oil Deodorizer.

Xtreme Dry Toss Packets Or Potty Fresh Plus Liquids

These portable toilet deodorant packets are very popular because they are water soluble and very easy to handle. Their unique and highly innovative water soluble membrane and powerful biocides have rendered them the portable toilet standard for superior performance. There are never any sticky surfaces or blue fingers when handling these packets or any guesswork about strength, as they operate at only one level of potency. They are made exclusively to combat hot weather and high traffic conditions. Liquid options are also available in the form of PottyFresh Plus odor control liquid solutions, which are equally effective.

The Metazene-Fuelled PT Spray And Washdown Solution 

This versatile, ultra-concentrated, water soluble spray deodorizer can be diluted or used full strength on the inner wall surfaces of any portable toilet. Its deep cleaning penetration formula is specifically designed to tackle the toughest dirt and grime, especially in hot weather and high traffic situations. The spray releases micro-droplets of water that pass through the aerosol valve and into the air. These globules then burst into a gas in the form of extremely fine and tiny droplets, which contain Metazene. This process transforms them into extremely efficient killers of bad odors.

Square Wafer Solid Deodorizers And The Rumate Air Dispenser

This compact air-dispenser is a passive air-freshener system with a very slim profile. Strategically placed side vents permit the maximum flow of fragrance and no batteries are required because this dispenser utilizes natural air and evaporation. The RüMate™ uses Solid Square Wafer™ air freshener refills to provide long lasting consistent odor neutralization and aroma enhancement to any small space such as: elevators, lockers, under desks, trash bin lids, hotel rooms, foyers, small restrooms and portable toilets. These refills are effective for up to 60 days.

Self-Locking, Odor-Neutralizing Fresh Strap Air-Fresheners

Our Fresh Straps which are also known as “smell belts,” are designed to be hidden, as they are discretely attached to the internal exhaust pipes of portable toilets. They provide powerful, linear-diffused odor enhancement and freshness for up to 60 days. Recyclable and eco-friendly, these straps are 100% waterproof, vandal resistant and self-locking for easy installation. They can hold their own against portable toilet wash-downs.

Fresh Lube – The Most Effective Vacuum Pump Oil Deodorizer

This pump oil deodorizer is very popular because it is easy to use, economical and highly effective. A little goes a very long way as it is ultra concentrated. Its potent, pleasant Cherry fragrance when combined with Metazene, combats and conquers vaporous malodors that arise from pump exhausts during the vacuuming process at the molecular level.

In Conclusion 

Give our team a call today (and be sure to speak with Tonya Ray) the next time you need help with the maintenance of portable restrooms. Be odor-free and sweet smelling sooner than you think, or in other words…

Forget about Al Jolson. (He’s been dead a long time anyway.) Concentrate instead on finding that one tootsie roll in your septic tank and on some new adjustments to the lyrics to that old song:

So toot, tootsie goodbye,

Bad odors know why

Surco takes them and then 

Molecules fold and then tend

to no longer annoy and offend


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