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Why Metazene Is The Most Effective Odor Control Additive

Life can be smelly. In their own non-endearing and molecular way, bad odors are like stalkers. They are unwanted, unappreciated, know no boundaries and won’t take no for answer. Or at least, that was once the case.

Eliminating bad odors in commercial spaces, where a bad smell can result in a significant loss in business, requires a tough adversary.

The invisible hero known as Metazene soars over foul-smelling odors without benefit of a cape or mystical inter-planetary powers, but when applied, will always, like any super icon worth his or her salt, come to save the day!

But how does its molecular process work and what makes it the most effective industrial odor neutralizer in the marketplace?

This article delves into the problem of malodors throughout commercial and industrial spaces, the birth of Metazene, a chemical explanation of its magic along with an overview of how its power has revolutionized malodor control for the portable sanitation industry and others.

Odor Control in Commercial and Industrial Spaces

Tackling facility odors, whether they are showing their smelly faces in office buildings, resorts, hotels, restaurants, salons, gyms or any other business that interfaces with the public, is very important because it is odor that introduces the client and his or her nose to the commercial space.

It provides that all-important first impression, for which there is never a second chance. Subconsciously, encountered malodors have a negative language that speaks of the lack of cleanliness and proper hygiene.

Studies and Statistics On Odor Challenges In Business Settings

Recently, the Clorox Professional Products Company And Opinion Research Corporation conducted a survey concerning the most challenging odor control decisions business owners and managers face when dealing with commercial facilities.

There were more than 400 participants and they were all cleaning industry professionals. They included: building service contractors, educators, hospitality managers and long-term facility care managers.

Seventy-nine percent of those surveyed claimed that the removal of bad odor from the air was their biggest challenge and that the hardest to address among them were restroom smells, which also generated the most complaints.

These included: urine, feces, smoke, mildew, vomit and body odor. In addition to addressing the full range of the problem, this survey also inadvertently revealed that many of the conventional products on the market today are not effective. More than half of the survey participants claimed that they were only successful in covering up foul odors instead of getting rid of them for good.

A Quick History Of Bad Odors And The Birth Of Metazene

Bad smells have been around since time began. In the ancient world, both the Egyptians and the Romans were obsessed with masking their personal body odors.

The Egyptians invented perfumed baths, and the Romans not only adapted that practice, they took that idea even further and doused their clothes, their horses and even their pets with fragrance.

The Middle Ages was a very stinky historical period. The church banned being naked even in the bath. The upper classes responded to the edict by covering their body odors with perfume, while lower classes remained well…stinky.

Malodors were an unpleasant but acceptable aspect of life until about two centuries ago, when garbage collection, the development of modern sewage systems and other waste control standards were established.

As late as 1914 in America, there were toilets, but privies still dominated American homes and offices, and incense was a common air-freshener. Hand-held atomizers dispersed cheap perfumes into the air and scented salts, soap cakes and even mothballs were used as odor fighters in bathrooms. There are places where these applications are still in use to this day!

Deodorizers have come a long way, and modern thought assumes that for a commercial space to be odorless more or less unconsciously translates into being clean and pure. Throughout history, however, smelling healthy has been equally disgusting and delightful. Today, deodorizers have a nobler mission and they are allied to our health, the environment and consumer satisfaction.

Commercial and industrial facilities often focus on restrooms, whether they are permanent or portable sanitation units. Modern companies, no matter what their product or service, are not so much concerned with covering up or masking odors, but rather establishing a controlled and effective method to neutralize and destroy them forever.

What Is This Thing Called Metazene?

Metazene is a colorless liquid with a slight scent of witch hazel. Surco and its sister company, Alpha Aromatics, are the creator of this supremely effective and environmentally safe odor neutralizer.

Primarily used in portable toilet deodorizing products, it controls malodors at the molecular level, which sets it apart from others of its ilk. The way it works is a matter of weight and chemical reaction.

The Metazene bonds with malodorous molecules, which changes their electron patterns, canceling their properties through hydrogen bonding, atom formation (adsorption) and encapsulation. Neutralization renders bad smells odorless because the molecules sink and evaporate over time due to very low vapor pressure.

Metazene has been around since the late 1940s, but early efforts to prepare it were often thwarted by its relative reactivity. It took many years to perfect a concentrate that was stable and pure. Initial offerings contained a 40% solution of the active ingredients, but a few years later (about 1954) a new form of distillation permitted the development of an 80% concentrate.

Further research unveiled a new material, which offered Metazene in a 99% concentrate. This is a purer form, which is both uniform in properties and colorless. (The other two were light amber in color.)

Why Is Metazene The Best Odor Control Fighter In The World?

This moniker is not easy to come by, and Metazene has proven itself to be the powerful potentate among bogus pawns in terms of its strength and versatility in many cleaning operations. Its application into many plant-processing operations to counteract airborne malodors represents a remarkable marketing opportunity for the seasoned distributor and entrepreneur.

The need for odorless deodorization applications is ever present, and any distributor’s sales pitch worth its salt should emphasize this non-disputed, salient fact. In public bathrooms, air ventilation, urinal cakes and mopping is simply not enough and all cleaning initiatives should be augmented by Metazene, which is certain to eliminate both public restroom malodors and complaints.

Depending on how it is applied, Metazene can also affect emerging objectionable smells. Its power to do this lies in its very low vapor pressure (the pressure at which its gas phase is in equilibrium with its liquid or solid condensed phase.)

Spraying the air within a commercial space such as office buildings and apartment houses can retain persistent odors that are the result of repeated usage of various products. Smoking, chemical smells and stale food odors in hallways, for example, when sprayed with conventional perfume sprays temporarily mask bad smells rather than annihilate and take no odor-molecular prisoners.

Metazene Applications In Commercial Spaces

For commercial space and industry owners and managers, waging an effective battle against recurrent malodors in high-traffic public restrooms and attacking them at their source can be a constant and thankless undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be.

Although commercial facilities hire in-house custodians, they are not always at the top of their game in terms of knowing about the latest research and the best products designed for eliminating the toughest odors.

The average company maintenance staff often needs professional help, and that’s where Surco and Metazene come into the not so-sweet-smelling picture. This odor neutralizer has not only helped Surco to become a leader in odor control technology, it has also been used successfully in thousands upon thousands of products all over the world.

The portable restroom industry greatly depends on Metazene and its odor-killing properties. In the words of Raymond Czapko, Vice President of Business Development at Surco:

“Thousands of portable toilet and restroom companies rely on Surco’s liquid and solid products that contain Metazene to control odors year round. It’s the most effective odor neutralizer available.

Customers should look for the Metazene® seal for assurance of true molecular odor protection. We’ve produced the industry’s best non-formaldehyde portable toilet deodorant and portable restroom products using this additive to deliver true odor neutralization.”

Metazene And Its Effect On The Portable Toilet Industry

A positive portable toilet user experience depends so much upon how well unpleasant odors that congregate within such a confined space are treated. Metazene is the industry’s best buffer against the hegemony of foul smells emanating from portable toilet tanks and surrounding air because it efficiently neutralizes foul odor molecules.

The warmer months of the year are worse than others because during this season the combination of heat and humidity promote a faster rate of growth for bacteria, which allows smells to travel further and stink even more.

Surco provides special odor product solutions to be used exclusively during the summer. These include but are not limited to: the non-formaldehyde and environmentally friendly Potty Fresh Summer Plus Biocide and its deep, blue non-staining dye.

Other Metazene-Fuled Odor Neutralizing Products

Food, smoking and chemical odors are known to revert and replenish themselves over time. This can be avoided by treating affected surfaces with Metazene sprays.

The Metazene wall spray, for example, is the perfect tool for restroom smells as it removes lingering odors from wall surfaces quickly and successfully. It should also be applied liberally on splash panel dividers and around urinals to neutralize odors and freshen the air.

Metazene acts as an excellent fragrance fixative, and for this reason coupled with the fact that this amazing additive contains no formaldehyde, which is toxic to humans, animals and the environment, it is used abundantly in many Surco products some of which include: odor control deodorant liquids, toss packets, fabric softeners, laundry products, air-fresheners, aerosols, candles, gel air fresheners, plug-ins and sprays.

Thermal and gel-based air fresheners have reappeared on the sweet-smelling horizon over the course of the last few years and sales have been flourishing in the market place largely because of the inclusion of Metazene to their plastic, oil and water-based compositions.

This additive has proven itself to be both an effective odor neutralizer and a contributing factor in the product’s overall longevity.

Surco And Odor Control Technology

We are a world leader in odor control technology and have been around for well over seventy years.

For any supplier or distributor of portable toilets, we are the one and only place to go for all odor-control needs. Our creations are always one step ahead of any competitor, and our products represent the combined intelligence of a dedicated team of experts who are determined to both ensure their creations reflect a consistent level of quality and to expand their knowledge of the dynamic science of fragrance.

Even more, we’re equipped with state-of-the-art advances that include the latest in: gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, headspace analysis, distillation, extraction and quality control technology.

Headquartered within an 85,000-square-foot facility in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Surco has total control over the manufacture of all of the odor control products that bear its name because each product is developed on site at our own fragrance manufacturing division.

This insures consistency, quality and customer satisfaction. Our goal is and always has been to create sustainable products with the smallest impact on the environment.

Surco and Portable Sanitation Association International

Being a world leader comes with duties and responsibilities. Constantly seeking cleaner and safer odor control solutions, all of our manufactured goods are formaldehyde-free and conform to the guidelines established by Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI). This important organization represents both small and large businesses that are committed in every way to their customer base.

Our mission is simple: “To preserve lives and improve user experiences by providing clean, safe portable sanitation and a cleaner and safe environment for all.”

To Wrap This Malodorous Missive

Mankind has been living with bad smells since the dawn of time. Whether their source emanated from rotting carcasses or vegetation, mold, organic matter or human waste, they were all integral to the primitive environment.

Over the centuries, man has learned that he has choices about his living conditions and that bad odors need not be among them.

Today, malodors have numbered hours or maybe even minutes to live after they have met their match with the most effective, invincible additive on the odor control market today.

Metazene’s odor-counteracting properties make it the most widely used and versatile deodorizer in the world. It is often an important component in commercial aerosols and industrial odor control sprays and other products suitable to accommodate commercial deodorizer applications in general and the portable toilet industry specifically.

If you’re a portable sanitation company, a PT supplier or you would like to become a distributor of our portable restroom odor controlling products, please don’t hesitate. Our team is happy to answer any question you might have.

Final thoughts about bad odors:

If something bad smells in the basement, it will eventually make its way to the attic. ~Anthony Liccione


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