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Surco And The Mexican Portable Restroom Distributorship

For entrepreneurs, Mexico represents an “innovation bridge” between North and South America and often serves as a springboard for European and Asian companies seeking ingress into the nation’s many lucrative markets — and with careful assessment of its industries lie certain potential opportunities, especially when it comes to becoming a distributor of our Surco odor-control products.

We at Surco have been in continuous operation since 1946, and over the years have become an international leader in molecular odor control solutions that far exceed portable sanitation industry standards. Our odor control solutions, which are the best on the market today, are all developed at our Surco Technology Center in Pittsburgh, and offer the most current advances in gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, head space analysis, distillation, extraction and quality control technology.

Most importantly to any potential distributor of our products throughout the land of Mexico, we are known for our exceptional customer service and the lasting bonds we have maintained with our many clients and distributor partners who are scattered across the globe. Explore our mission, learn more about the effectiveness of our products or contact our team today to join the Surco family.


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The Mexican Entrepreneur

Mexico is the third-largest country in Latin America after Brazil and Argentina. Its   economy is considered one of the world’s fastest growing, and there are many viable opportunities for any entrepreneur worth his or her salt to tackle. The nation has a fierce work ethic and according to figures released by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Mexicans work more hours than residents of any other nation in the world, with an average of 2.228 hours per year and between 100,000 to 120,000 start-ups in Mexico.

According to Israel Pons, CEO of Angels Den Mexico, an organization that for the last six years has successfully matched entrepreneurs with investors: “There is a very strong start-up ecosystem in Mexico … and we’re now at the point where we can reach out to people and invite them to be a part of something new.”

The Mexican Portable Toilet Industry

Today, tourism is a major contributor to the Mexican economy and with that the demand for more portable toilets has developed exponentially, creating an important opportunity for the need for more purveyors of odor control products. This is largely due to the rise of the construction industry and the frequency of large outdoor festivals and events.

BLUSTAR, headquartered in Monterrey, is the first portable toilet manufacturer in Mexico to offer a portable toilet with the Made In Mexico Stamp– Hecho en Mèxico. Until the grand opening in 2015 and the introduction of the portable restroom model known as Mymex (a portable toilet with a smooth design that is easy to clean and assemble), Mexican portable toilet rental companies faced many obstacles because they were forced to import portable toilets from overseas and across borders. But that hindrance no longer exists, opening up the perfect opportunity for the modern Mexican entrepreneur to start a Surco distributorshop.

Cement your future today as a successful distributor of Surco’s superior odor control products tomorrow.


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