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Becoming A Surco Distributorship In Chile

A Surco distributorship is a perfect fit for the entrepreneurial climate existing today in Chile.  It represents a viable low risk opportunity for success backed by a company with a solid record for exceptional customer service. For the handful of portable toilet manufacturers and purveyors that service Chile, there is always room for better odor-control products that not only serve their purpose but also surpass industry standards. We have had seven decades to perfect our products and seal our reputation as an international leader in odor control products and solutions.

Even though our many loyal clients and distributor partners are scattered all across the globe, they are always connected to the mother company. We offer a perpetual beacon in the dark to guide and support our many distributors over any difficulties that might arise. Start-up costs are low and returns to the diligent, hard-working entrepreneur can be high.

Word spreads fast about the highly reputed effectiveness of our odor-control solutions. All of our products are made from the highest quality ingredients and developed at the Surco Technology Center in Pittsburgh, which offers the most current advances in gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, head space analysis, distillation, extraction and quality control technology. Learn more about why we are the most equipped odor control product supply company for any PT supplier or distributor.

The Chilean Entrepreneur

Chile is a flourishing center for innovation and entrepreneurship thanks to a national initiative that supports and encourages entrepreneurial efforts. Launched in 2010, Chile has invested $39.7 million over the last eight years in an accelerator program known as Startup Chile. Headquartered in the capitol city of Santiago, this organization has brought some 100 new businesses into the country every year and they have hosted 1,309 startups from 72 countries, which altogether have a $1.4 billion portfolio valuation. The Chilean government hopes to retain these enterprises with the promised incentives of business-friendly regulations and tax laws (including a double-taxation avoidance agreement) and a low cost of living.

This unique program offers equity-free funding, a one-year visa and investor exposure to start-ups. In exchange, the start-ups must earn 4,000 “social capital points” by passing on skills to local entrepreneurs. This kind of atmosphere creates an entrepreneur who can expect that a consistent work ethic will result in consistent financial rewards. In Chile, entrepreneurship grows at a rate of 10.1% annually and this nation is ranked as the sixth best environment in the world for female entrepreneurs.

The accelerator offers three different types of initiatives: The S Factory, a pre-acceleration program for female-led startups; Seed, for companies with a functional product and Scale, for incorporated Chilean companies, a process that can be completed within one day. The current Seed class has 29 startups from 17 countries, including the United States, India and Russia. Although immensely successful, the biggest hurdle facing Startup Chile is that 80% of these new enterprises leave Chile after participating in the six-month Seed program. (This funding involves $100,000 equity-free to three graduates when they complete the Seed program on the condition that they incorporate in Chile and begin operations there.)

The Chilean Portable Toilet Industry

Chile is the wealthiest and most westernized nation in all of South America. Despite this, the unpleasant issue of toilet paper disposal is as prevalent there as in poorer undeveloped countries. Some Chilean toilets can accommodate flushing toilet paper while others cannot. It is also not always clear which is which or when to pass go or when to pay $200, but some tell tale signs include no bin in sight (although it could be just removed for cleaning) or a plunger situated nearby.

There are several portable restroom toilet providers in Chile. The two most prominent are Armal and Dissal. The Chilean portable toilet industry is approximately forty years old. Armal is a globally known portable restroom manufacturer with a distinct presence in Chile and other South American nations. Their portable toilet model is called The Wave, and it is the result of years of manufacturing experience. It offers convenience and ease of operation as well as a specific design with a super smooth surface that makes it easy to wash. Walls are effortlessly assembled via an overlapping system that hides the rivets and gives the interior a carefully well-finished and refined appearance.

Dissal is one of the earliest companies to gain a foothold in the environmental services industry with a focus on portable toilets and waste management in Paraguay, Peru and Chile’s industrial sectors. They are driven by their dynamic perspective, which is greatly influenced by an ever-increasing concern for the environment and sustainability.

Both of these portable toilet rental companies as well as any others could benefit greatly from the regular use of Surco odor control products and molecular neutralizers. They represent a practical opening for potential distributors, a proverbial foot-in-the-door, so to speak, as their reputation for producing natural products that are both efficient and environmentally friendly precedes them and Surco always lives up to its namesake.

If you’re currently a PT supply company, or you would like to become a distributor of our odor control products, send us a message for more information about a Chilean distributorship!


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