5 Products Portable Restroom Suppliers Should Never Do Without

The Odor-Eating Arsenal PT Suppliers Should Never Be Without

Portable restroom suppliers have an important and often heroic job, albeit it is always behind the scenes of operation, and the odor-control products they use must do what they promise and eliminate those highly unpleasant smells associated with portable toilets.

The challenge is finding a complete arsenal of products that seamlessly work in conjunction with the other, collectively provide a coordinated system approach to controlling malodorous conditions and fiercely perform in any climate — especially in warmer extreme heat conditions.

In earlier days, this was easier said than done because those products utilized harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde, a potential carcinogen that destroyed odor but also wreaked havoc with the environment and was hazardous to human health.

Fortunately, during the 1970s, the portable sanitation industry moved towards the use of alternative biocides that killed odor-producing bacteria and were much easier for wastewater treatment plants to process. In fact, Surco lead this charge by creating some of the most utilized non-formaldyhyde odor-killing products in the industry.

Porta Potty Odor Brutalizing Products

Family-owned and operated for four generations and in continuous operation for seventy years, we never rest on the laurels of our many successes. We are in a constant state of innovation seeking always to improve and surpass both competitors and industry standards with every new formulation and innovation.

With the above challenges in mind, our teams have developed five key PT products, that when used together, create the ultimate force to destroy any malodorous challenge in portable washrooms.

Read on to discover the answer to not only eliminating odors but any PT customer complaints, or contact us today to order the Surco 5-Pack Odor Neutralizing System.


Why PT Suppliers Need A Heroic Odor Neutralizing Arsenal

Portable toilet malodors are caused by the growth of gram-positive bacteria, such as: fatty acids, sulfur, and nitrogen-containing compounds that are often found in human waste. Many diverse amalgams can affect the smells found in urine as well.

While the urea in urine has no odor at all, it does break down into compounds that can stink to high heaven. These contain nitrogen, pungent ammonia and fishy trimethylamine. These compounds continually replicate, which is why stale urine smells so much worse than fresh.

The human nose is extremely sensitive and the level of concentration necessary to detect it is very low.

What are the key ingredients of toilet odor control products?

The Key Ingredients In Toilet Odor Control Products

According to the Occupational Safety And Health Administration (OSHA), sulfur odors (hydrogen sulfide) are the most offensive. They state: “This colorless, dangerous gas with a rotten egg smell is produced by bacterial breakdown of organic materials and human and animal wastes such as sewage and fecal matter. It is known as sewer gas, stink damp, swamp gas and manure gas.

All of the above underscores the importance of an odor neutralizing force of the super-hero kind; a coordinated, scientific amalgamation of brute power aimed at ensuring your position as a leading PT supplier above all other competitors —

Enter our 5-Pack …

The Surco Five-Pack PT Odor Neutralizing System

It’s important to note that each of the following five products contain Metazene, the most effective and widely used commercial odor-neutralizing additive on the market today, and when used together, represent the most powerful arsenal in combatting waste decay and the stink that comes from it.

  • Xtreme Dry Toss Packets Or Potty Fresh Plus Liquids

One of the best features about these packets is the fact they are water soluble and very easy to handle. Made expressly for hot weather and high traffic conditions, these portable toilet deodorant packets are destined to become the industry standard for both their potency and their superior performance, both of which are due to their innovative water soluble membrane and powerful biocides.

There is no waste associated with these portion-controlled packets or sticky surfaces or blue fingers. They operate at only one level of potency, which translates into losing no time in comparing or choosing which strength works best. If you prefer a liquid option our Potty Fresh Plus liquid solutions are just as powerful and effective.

  • The Metazene-Fuelled PT Spray And Washdown Solution

We’ve written extensively about our PT Spray and Washdown, but briefly, this is an ultra-concentrated, water-soluble spray deodorizer, which can be diluted or used full-strength on the inner wall surfaces of any portable toilet for the longest lasting deodorizing and neutralization.

Potty Fresh Spray Washdown Solution

  • Squair Wafer Solid Deodorizers And The RuMate Air Dispenser

A passive air freshener system with a very slim profile, this compact dispenser will fit almost any where, although it functions best in smaller spaces such as lockers, small restrooms, elevators, foyers, under desks and most commonly, portable toilets. No batteries are needed as its passive state utilizes natural air and evaporation and can be mounted to the inner door of any portable toilet.

Side vents allow for maximum fragrance flow, and, unlike inferior paper disks, our Solid Squair Wafer air freshener refills provide enduring odor neutralization and odor enhancement wherever desired that lasts up to 60 days.

Surco Skuair Solid Air Fresheners

  • Our Self-Locking, Odor Neutralizing Fresh Strap Air Fresheners

These patent-pending Fresh Straps are potent enough to freshen portable toilets and provide long-lasting odor control freshness for up to 60 days, and have the added feature, by way of their design, to be hidden, discreet and attached to internal exhaust pipes. They are laden with fragrance, 100% waterproof, vandal resistant and self-locking for easy installation.

Scented-Fresh Strap Air Freshener

Recyclable and environmentally friendly, these straps can hold their own against portable toilet washdowns. To learn more about their popularity in the industry, click here.

  • Fresh Lube – The Most Effective Vacuum Pump Oil Deodorizer

The industry’s most popular pump oil deodorizer is easy to use and highly effective. It is ultra concentrated, which means it is economical and a little bit goes a very long way. The compelling cherry fragrance, combined with Metazene, counteracts malodors arising from pump exhausts during the vacuuming process.

Surco Fresh Lube Pump Oil Additive

In Conclusion

Purveyors of odor-control products for use in potable toilets have a lofty responsibility and it is one that is carried out to the hilt by our professionals at Surco.

For the last seven decades, we have sustained ourselves as a pioneer in the realm of effective odor-control products, and our unblemished reputation, years of delivering consistent performance and superior products have cemented our stature within the industry.

While you may choose to hand pick products from various manufacturers, when used in tandem, this powerful, site-tested and laboratory-refined collection of PT odor-control products provides the most thoughtful approach to effective performance in the PT industry today.

Final thoughts on heroic odor control ~ the “S” in the featured photo above stands for Surco 😉




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10 Interesting Facts About Portable Restrooms

There’s probably not a lot of motivation in discovering interesting things about the portable toilet experience, but there are some aspects of the industry and its development worthy of mention.

  • Ancient portable toilets were put in tombs for use in the afterlife as evidenced by the excavation of the tomb of Kha, a senior Egyptian official. Inside archaeologists discovered a wooden stool with a slot in the middle and a pottery vessel beneath it to catch the waste.
  • Five thousand portable restrooms were installed on the day of President Obama’s inauguration. It was estimated that the expected crowd of 1.8 million people required one toilet that would serve the needs of 360 people!
  • Toilets are flushed more times during halftime super bowl then any other time of the year.
  • The first toilet cubicle is usually the least used. This makes it the cleanest toilet in a row.
  • A portable toilet conserves water because it uses 90% less then a conventional toilet, which can waste as much as 200 gallons of water per day.
  • 45 billion gallons of fresh water are saved annually through the use of portable restrooms.
  • The United States actually spent over $100,000 on a survey to determine whether it was more common to put the toilet paper in the holder with the flap facing the front or behind. The flap in the front was decidedly the most popular.
  • Portable toilets have numerous aliases. They include: porta-potty; porta-john; honey bucket; WC; porta-loo; jon, and perhaps most amusing of all, Johnny-on-the-spot.
  • According to List Verse, more than 1.8 million people, many of them children, die every year from a lack of sanitary toilet conditions.
  • Americans use about 100 gallons of water per day by just flushing the toilet. This is more water than is consumed by showering or any other activity. By comparison, Europeans use about 50 gallons and resident s of sub-Saharan Africa utilize only two to five gallons of water each day.

Relevant Studies And Statistics About The PT Industry

In 2017, portable toilet rentals were responsible for more than 86% of the total industry revenue. Purveyors of portable toilets service construction companies, recreation areas and special event settings that often lack adequate restroom facilities. The industry has experienced a rebound over the course of the last five years, primarily due to economic growth spurred by increases in construction investments.

According to Ibis World, industry revenue is expected to increase substantially through the year, 2022 tempered a simultaneous intensification of environmental regulations and an increase in compliance costs.

The Reinvent The Toilet Challenge (RTTC) began in 2011, sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This enormous, multi-faceted initiative has a collective goal, which is to provide sustainable toilet facilities to more than 2.5 billion people in developing countries all around the world.

The challenge includes the development of sustainable waste management and cleaning cycles to help maintain hygienic conditions. Secondary considerations include improvements in the olfactory experience associated with portable toilet use because in addition to providing a pleasant aroma, there is also the accompanying psychological perception of cleanliness.

Sixteen researchers from every corner of the globe have been awarded grants to develop new approaches based on engineering principles to develop safer and more sustainable solutions for the management of human waste.

In addition, funding has been directed at a wide range of other investments that are aligned with reinventing the portable toilet and ultimately making an incredible contribution to improvements in world health and disease prevention.

Millions of people die every year in Third World countries due to a lack of proper toilet sanitation. Studies may well lead to the development of new diagnostic strategies for combating serious illnesses, and Surco’s research is certain to make a difference in altering this terrible reality.


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