The Eco-Friendly Choice for Deodorizing Portable Toilet Facilities

Eco-Friendly products have become a staple in the American consumer market. Everything from consumables to pet products, cars, and even homes are striving to be “green.” However, one industry that has been slow to adapt is the air freshener and deodorizer market.

While there has always been the knowledge that aerosol products can be harmful to the environment, there is also a recent finding that plug-in air fresheners can be equally harmful. A study conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that fragrance molecules, such as pinene and limonene, can react with ozone and form harmful smog indoors via emission from plug-in air fresheners. This reaction generates the carcinogen formaldehyde, as well as other compounds that have been linked to respiratory issues.

The Rise Of Environmentally Friendly Deodorizing Products

In a day and age where technology is advanced enough to recognize the dangers of products that can pose a threat to both health and environment, manufacturers are striving to produce products that can treat unpleasant odors without the negative residual effects associated with traditional air fresheners.

Addressing the issue means one must take a look at the industry itself. In the United States alone, the market was estimated at 1.8 billion in 2015, not accounting for global sales. Air fresheners are not regulated by the EPA or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but are instead self-regulated by its trade group, the International Fragrance Association, who claims to ensure product safety via a rigorous system. However, the details of this system, as well as results of the testing, are not released to the general public, who has no way of verifying whether claims of product safety are valid.

Today’s generation of kids are schooled on the importance of eco-friendly practices, and as the demand for safer deodorizing solutions rises, the market will have no choice but to respond. Currently, air freshener manufacturers are attempting to fill the demand for a healthier alternative by increasing their focus on more organic solutions and greener ingredients.

The Metazene® Advantage – A Formaldehyde Free Solution

As a leader in developing and producing odor control solutions, Surco® Products has filled the void in environmentally-friendly odor control solutions with a process known as “The Metazene® Advantage.” Metazene®, a molecular odor control neutralizer, is designed to enhance the odor control process without the use of harmful chemicals, including formaldehyde. It works on the molecular level, neutralizing odors as opposed to “masking” them, making it an effective odor control product that seeks to eliminate, not mask. All Surco® Products are completely formaldehyde-free, without the toxic chemicals and synthetic materials that are known to trigger allergies as well as their link to a number of health issues.

How Does Metazene® Work?

The negative malodor molecules that are in the air when an unpleasant smell is present attract the Metazene® molecules, which attach themselves to each other, much like a magnetic attraction. The Metazene® molecules then “lock up,” or seal the malodor, creating an effective neutralizing environment. The result is a heavier molecule which is unable to linger in the air, instead sinking to the floor, where it eventually evaporates.

Surco® Products’ Commitment To The PSAI Code of Excellence

As a leader in the portable sanitation industry’s odor control solutions, Surco® understands the crucial role environmentally-friendly solutions play terms of health for both people and the environment. Believing that the portable toilet industry must claim responsibility for doing their part to protect the environment and reduce the impact of its products on the environment, Surco® remains committed to ongoing research in offering solutions that are both safe and effective.

The Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) was established in 1971 to develop and promote industry standards, and has since grown into the largest trade organization of its kind across the globe. Recognized internationally, the PSAI provides a credible voice that provides education on issues and standards in the industry as well as promoting safety and health. As proud members of the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI), Surco® is committed to the standards set by the Association and is committed to carrying out the guidelines outlined in the PSAI Code Of Excellence, which sets a high standard in the implementation of both business practices, execution, products, and services.

The Future Of Eco-Friendly Deodorizing Products

The “green” industry is growing across the board in numerous markets. From companies that produce a broad variety of eco-friendly cleaning products to cosmetic companies, and even the bio solvents market, there is not an industry that has not realized the long-term potential of eco-friendly product solutions. Although the statistics for each industry are gathered according to the individual product market, sales figures are rising across the board. For example, “According to TechSci Research report, ‘Global Essential Oils Market By Product Type, By Application, By Region Competition Forecast and Opportunities, 2011-2021’, global essential oils market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 9.4%, during 2016-2021.” Consumers are speaking through their most powerful means necessary – their wallets.

Surco® Products will continue to expand the science of fragrance, and will continue to enrich the environment with eco-friendly fragrance solutions, as well as dedicating the time and energy to make use of cutting-edge research technology to remain at the forefront of the environmental friendly odor control industry. Learn more about Surco® Products, our commitment to the environment, and our dedication to delivering superior odor control solutions. Give us a call today.

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