Pestco Spray And Washdown Service

Keep Your Portable Toilets Fresh With Our PT Spray And Washdown

One key factor that can make or break your portable toilet rental business is whether your clients receive clean, fresh-smelling toilets. In between use, it is important that the toilets are properly pumped out, cleaned, and sanitized for the next customer’s use.

Once you have retrieved your portable toilet from its location and washed it down, it is important to take a moment and step inside. If the area does not smell fresh and clean, then this is the first thing your next customer will notice once it is delivered. If you are not delivering portable toilets to your customers that smell fresh and are odor-free, you risk losing future business.

Surco’s® additive solution, Potty Fresh Plus® Spray and Washdown Deodorant, is the ideal way to freshen the air and provide effective odor control to your regular wash down. Potty Fresh Plus® Spray and Washdown Deodorant provides superior performance and is ideal for hot weather conditions and high traffic, such as large special events. With a deep cleaning penetration formula designed to tackle dirt and grime, as well as provide superior odor control, Potty Fresh Plus® Spray and Washdown Deodorant is the ideal choice for ensuring that you next customer receives their inventory smelling fresh and clean. It can be used straight or mixed with water for the ultimate portable toilet wash down solution, simply spray Potty Fresh Plus® Spray and Washdown Deodorant on walls and/or other non-contact surfaces for extra odor control.

A leader in Portable Sanitation Odor Solutions, Surco® has a number of products designed to control odors, from solids to liquids, urinal screens and granules, in a number of scents designed to keep your facilities smelling and feeling fresh. For more information on our Odor Control Solutions, contact us today, where our professional staff will be happy to find the perfect odor control product that suits your unique needs.

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