Berry Cherry water soluble portable toilet deodorant packets combine our most popular fragrance with unparalleled power and performance.

Berry Cherry packets feature this 4-phase comfort assurance formulation: 1) Powerfully-effective Berry Cherry fragrance. 2) Metazene® molecular odor counteractant. 3) Powerful biocide. 4) Deep blue non-staining dye.

With Metazene®
Molecular Odor Neutralizer

  • Innovative clean and easy-to-handle water soluble membrane. No more sticky packets, blue fingers and wasted product.
  • Popular Berry Cherry fragrance brings the highest level of odor control to your portable toilet service.
  • More product per packet, stronger fragrance and more blue than other brands.
  • One strength: Eliminates confusing choices and comparisons.
  • Portion control prevents overuse, waste and theft.
Available Sizes
Berry Cherry Packets

70 Count Resealable Puches per case

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